W155 - Chinese Traditional Apparel.关于中国传统服饰申请可穿戴设备(NFT)许可证的提案

Chinese traditional dress has a long culture of 5000 years, from Hanfu, Tang suit, cheongsam, neon dress to all ethnic costumes, all have unique cultural elements, deeply loved by Chinese young people.
Block chain brings us a brand new open source community atmosphere, from bitcoin, encrypted cat to Decentraland, tolerant of any innovation.

1. Description of the Collection系列说明

Four series are launched in this proposal, which combines the Hanfu, cheongsam, Tang suit, Feitian neon dress and other elements in the traditional Chinese dress with the most cutting-edge and concerned elements of the block chain, bitcoin, encrypted cat, Decentraland and so on, to present a new visual feast for everyone. This will be the perfect interpretation of tradition and technology, culture and technology.
Each series will contain a hat, upper body, lower body, feet, headgear, earring or pendant.

2. Design Concepts设计概念

2.1 Bite Hanfu (male)比特汉服(男款)

Bitcoin is the representative of block chain, Bithan suit combines bitcoin elements with Hanfu, crane pattern, and is widely used in Hanfu , head bundle, Han boot and waist decoration, which brings us a visual impact of traditional culture and technology frontier.

2.2 Encrypted Cat Cheongsam (Female) 加密猫旗袍(女款)

Encrypted cats are the most popular pets in block chains, especially for female users. Each cat is cute. The encrypted cat cheongsam applies the classic image of the encrypted cat to the shoulders and skirts of the cheongsam, and applies the etheric diamond elements in the encrypted cat image to the headdress, ear ornaments and so on.
Encrypted cat’s loveliness and the sexy combination of cheongsam bring a new fashion for female users, so that the female girl’s heart is perfectly presented under the sexy appearance.

2.3 Decentraland flying neon (female) 飞天霓裳(女款)

Feitian neon clothes will Decentraland the logo of the mountains and rivers, sun and moon elements extracted, as the core decorative elements, applied to the Chinese Feitian series of mythological stories, combined with the soft figure of women, with red as the main tone, like the evening sunset, will show the beauty of women, amorous feelings.
飞天霓裳 将Decentraland 标志中的山川、日月元素提取,作为核心装饰元素,应用于中国飞天系列神话故事里,结合女性柔美的身材,以红色作为主色调,就像傍晚的晚霞,将女性的曼妙多姿、风情万种表现出来。

2.4 Decentraland flying neon (male) 飞天霓裳(男款)

Feitian neon clothes will Decentraland the signs of the mountains, sun and moon elements extracted, as the core decorative elements, applied to the Chinese Feitian series of mythological stories, combined with the masculine beauty of men, with Tibetan blue as the main tone, as broad as the sky, as deep as the sea, full of mythological mystery, but also contains tolerance and strength. (schematic diagram below)
飞天霓裳 将Decentraland 标志中的山川、日月元素提取,作为核心装饰元素,应用于中国飞天系列神话故事里,结合男性的阳刚之美,以藏蓝色作为主色调,像天空一样广阔与海洋一样深邃,充满着神话的神秘色彩,同时也蕴含着包容与力量。(下图为示意图)
(Fig .1: This is a popular scenic spot in China. Its name is Flying Kiss, which symbolizes love and good life)

(Ref .2: Flying Immortals)

3. Team团队

3.1 Planning: imoasis, good at planning and creativity, responsible for this series of wearable devices positioning, creativity to team organization;
3.2 Design: SolenLve, professional clothing designers, good at sketching, Chinese painting and clothing design, like to challenge the strong styling design and creative production;
3.3 Modeling: LX, professional 3 D modeling personnel, in 3 clothing and 3 D building and other aspects of 5 years of work experience, is now a large game company modeling designer. Some of the works are as follows:
3.1 策划:imoasis ,擅长策划与创意,负责本系列可穿戴设备的定位、创意以团队组织;
3.2 设计:SolenLve,专业的服装设计师,擅长素描、中国画和服装设计,喜欢挑战造型性强的图案设计和创意化制作;
3.3 建模:LX , 专业的3D建模人员,在3D服装,3D建筑等方面均有5年工作经验,现为大型游戏公司建模设计师。部分作品如下:

4. Purpose目的

By combining Chinese traditional clothing with block chain frontier projects to promote the Dcl virtual world in China, and to raise funds for community activities in China. After deducting the cost (design modeling staff fee)30% is used to reward China support users 30% for China activities.

  1. this series of wearable devices are divided into 90% limited supply and 10% activity reward;
  2. the limited supply section to display sales at the second fashion show;
    3.10% of the activity awards will be used to reward activities in China, such as 521 parties, to increase the enthusiasm of users to participate in the activities.

For users who recognize the above ideas and support this proposal, please add WeChat: jczjch into the group, note wearable devices or send a direct message "wearable devices"




Looks beautiful! Love it.


Great ideas guys.
But I think teams are allowed to apply only with one collection. 6 items.


I really love the Asian theme, especially for the female avatar. We need more females involved and we all know they love clothes. This is a match made in Heaven.


I’d buy these in a heart beat if they allowed for entry to Dragon City special events :wink: