W154 - Cybermike Proposal for Decentraland Wearables


1. Description of the Collection

Cyber Boots - Enhanced movement/ Stealth/ Jump/ Sprint boosted with Cyber Leggings
Cyber Leggings - Boost - Frog Jump onto buildings increased strength/ speed - attributes boosted with Cyber Boots

Body Armour - Torso/ Arms/ hands - Attributes - Steady Aim/ Superior Strength/ reinforced nano fibre material - stops armoured piercing rounds.

Augmented Vision - Night vision interface - Combat HUD

Rebreather - Water/ Toxic Gas

2. Design Concepts

Cyberpunk, Future, Human Enhancement design currently for this project.

I would also like to build a respectible size fps rpg demo and use the wearables i make as assets to be utilised in game to get passed certain areas in the game. example - boots - enable jumping to higher location and over acid spill area. Re breather allows swimming under flooded underground city to get to targets location and save our agent captured.

The augmented vision would enable the hud to slow down incoming projectiles as a type pov bullet time effect in game and display riddles and codes hidden in graffiti and in stone, left by time travellers and other fallen agents, a bit like twelve monkeys scene. Updated mission path guide and display of possible hazards along current route.

3. Team

I have already produced wearable NFT’s for the clothing company Digitible https://digitible.com/ these have been deployed and are for sale in the market currently.

I am a solo visionary, with a proven track record i have worked with many in the past and always appreciate the help for the great coders in decentraland, I usually have a good relationship, especially when i am directing the project.

It would be me building these wearables, i have a past history of deploying many scenes, see my showreel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6RERsfFCh0&t=1s

I have been doing 3D related work for half my life. Honours (BA) Degree Computer Games Design. Masters (MSC) Computer Animation with Disctinction. Skilled in every aspect of 3D Creation process.
Visualisation/ Design,Construction, Texturing, Rigging, Animation etc. Finite element analysis/ reconstruction. Skilled in multiple software packages.

4. Purpose

These initial wearables will be sold as a very limited supply which is important as i am not a fan of a saturated market, then later i would like to build a game demo and give them out as random rewards to users whom have completed special quests or taken a course of action in game which i like. I have already started working on the initial stages of another cyberpunk dystopian themed demo, with enhanced detail and story

Please see above in Design concepts, i would like to use these wearables to not just have aesthetic value but also utilised in demos i want to build, which would match the design and theme of the style.

“Perhaps” These can be won or gifted in game as bonus and thus would unlock further mission access to complete other objectives which also in turn might unlock a special armour piece (which is yet to be imagined). All to be decided and carefully thought of in balance to keep the distribution fair and supply low

Scenes i have deployed in Decentraland
Decentraland Locations

Dreach Fhoula 128,-137

Tears in Neon Rain 74,104

Amphitheater 6, 116

Fianna and Danu - 1,108

Bartertown 59, 114

Temptation Gentleman’s Club “/Goto. 70, -135” (was removed by land owner)

Church 58, 77

3D youtube examples of Decentraland work.


Love them Mike! We def need game/battle/cyber themed wearables.


Cheers Matty! Got a lot more ideas and further design/ themed avenues to go down also.



I have seen your robot designs and they are extremely impressive. Since we are in the meta-verse futuristic, robotic, cyber theme is a perfect concept.



very high quality build in low poly :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:


elements preview, featured in next decentraland demo currently being worked on - in current themed style - pre optimisation version. detachable heavy police armour set.

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sweet tac suit, cops in DCL? watch out!

Yea he is just a character i made for a demo i want to make for dcl, thought i could perhaps rig his armour and perhaps list as nft drop or something in game, thought be cool, unfortunately did not get enough votes