Vote yes to return lost land to the rightful owner and protect your land from the unexpected


Decentraland Community,

Have you ever hit “forgot password” on a website before?

According to Chainalysis, 17-23% of Bitcoin, the equivalent of roughly 44 billion dollars, is currently sitting in locked wallets.

Luckily, Decentraland parcels have an “activity” timer built into them.

Without leveraging this timer, the possibility that land can become “lost” and abandoned, lowers the value of the land because the “marketability” of that land is lower than it would be if it couldn’t possibly be lost or abandoned. This is why in almost all countries, they have a “probate” system that makes abandoned or land owned without a will when someone dies possible to get back into the economy.

By voting YES on my proposal, the Decentraland Community will create a method by which those who have a situation of “lost” land can prove their case to the community. If the community or community judiciary approves the claimant’s case, the land would be returned to the claimant in a wallet for which they control the keys.


What I ask of the community are three things:

  1. Let’s set the precedent for this scenario of lost land for the future.
  2. Take the time to hear my case (see link(s) below)
  3. Vote YES to return my land and simultaneously create a precedent for these situations moving forward.

In my presentation below, I will prove to the community the following things:

  1. The land is verifiably mine based on evidence from individuals and the blockchain.
  2. That this is something we CAN fix moving forward.


I made a mistake. A devastating, embarrassing, crypto 101 type of mistake.

I lost my seed phrase and my Ledger Nano S reset on me. This resulted in a locked wallet with a significant number of parcels inside of it.

I have felt the pain, loss, embarrassment and shame associated with losing a seed phrase to a valuable crypto wallet.

I present to you my case for my lost land through a claim supported by evidence and testimony:
Video of my claim for lost land:

Presentation link for my lost land:

I need help from an Ethereum coder at Decentraland or in the community who could upgrade the smart contract to add a clause that re-assigns land to another Ethereum address for which I control the keys. This clause would also allow for claims to be made on parcels with at least 1 year of inactivity.
I am flexible on the structure of the contract and can have it all voted upon by the community, but at least allows the ability for this particular set of parcels in my wallet to be reassigned.

Vote YES to:

  • Upgrade the Decentraland smart contract to allow for claims on “lost” land.
  • Allow users who make “lost land” claims to put their case in front of the community for a vote on ownership based on evidence.
  • Transfer the land in my locked wallet back to me as the first successful lost land claim.

Vote NO:

  • To keep land in lost wallets abandoned without the possibility of legitimate claims to be made on such land forever.