Vote yes to return lost land and set the precedent for this moving forward

Decentraland community,

I come to you with a problem that I have experienced and I am sure that I am not the only person who has experienced.

I made a mistake. A devastating, embarrassing, crypto 101 type of mistake.

I lost my seed phrase and my Ledger Nano S reset on me. This resulted in a locked wallet with a significant amount of parcels inside of it.

What I ask of the community are three things:

  1. Let’s set the precedent for this scenario of lost land for the future.
  2. Take the time to hear my case (see link below)
  3. Vote YES to return my land and simultaneously create a precedent for this situation moving forward.

In my presentation below, I will prove to the community the following things:

  1. The land is verifiably mine based on evidence from individuals and the blockchain.
  2. That this is something we CAN fix moving forward.

Here is the link to my presentation: (click this link if you have trouble viewing below:

Finally, If anyone has any followup questions, you can reach me directly through my email:

Vote Yes and let’s fix this scenario, together.

  • Ethen Ostroff

Here is the link to my Google Slides if you want to view the links associated:

Very sorry for your misfortune! Could happen to anybody. And will most assuredly continue to happen as it is human to make mistakes. In my opinion it’s a bad look for DCL to not have a process for recourse in situations like this. Either in the case of mistakes, or bad actors. Sorry that you have had to go through this mental and emotional anguish so far, but I hope it works out for you in the end so that you can rejoin the community with continued vigor, and to set this precedent as peace of mind for those of us (veterans or newbies alike) who understand that we can all potentially be in your shoes in the future. And kudos to the DCL team for allowing the community to weigh in on this. I hope this will lead to the process that we need for returning lost land.

Abandoned land is another story. If someone wants to buy a piece of land and not build anything on it until they find a buyer, or have more skills, more time, more capital, more ambition, etc. then so be it. It just means they wont be generating revenue that other landowners with content will be generating in the meantime. Eventually the market will catch up with flippers naturally. I dont think a no-build punishment should be enforced. That being said, the issue of lost land is much more important. Good luck!

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Hopefully something can be done for you to be able to recover your lost property. I’m sure the community will be in support of your request because it’s something that can happen to anyone, and will continue to happen as @Doug-NFTWorld mentioned.
Fingers crossed

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I would like to see this go for a vote on the DAO. I would vote yes. You have given a great example, making a case with well documented evidence. The community does need to create a judiciary function.

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