GRANT: Return lost LAND

Status : DRAFT

Summary :
This proposal aims to request a grant to fund the implementation and audit of a mechanism to allow the DAO to return control of lost land and estates.

An update to the current smart contracts of Land and Estate registries will be developed and externally audited. This update will allow the DAO to assign a new operator of all assets owned by an account.

After this mechanism is implemented any user could present their case to the DAO’s community to reclaim control of assets owned by an account. If the proposal gathers enough votes the new operator permissions will be granted automatically.

The proposal will follow our community voting guidelines and secured by the Security Advisory Board who will acts as a failsafe in case this mechanism is being misused.

Motivation :
Private keys will be lost. If enough proof is presented to the DAO the rightful owner should gain access to her non-fungible tokens. This topic has been previously discussed on the forum, please see Ethen’s case .

This grant signals the DAO’s intention to address this issue.

Specification :
An update request (aka pull request) to the main codebase has been created and waits for review and external audit. See status here.

Team :
The update request has been coded by myself (Sr. Software Engineer) and cross-reviewed with the Foundation Team. I will use the funds to hire an external audit before deploying it to Ethereum Network.

Budget :
Audits costs are between 15-20k USD and well-known security agencies have delays of 2-3 months. I may find a better price and faster timeline with a freelancer or smaller firm.

I’m requesting 20,000 MANA (~10.000 USD) to start the project of finding the auditor. A second grant will be requested upon project completion based on the final costs.

For :
Approve the grant to hire an external auditor for the pull request and implement suggested changes if any.

Against :
Do not assign DAO’s resources to address this issue.


Was this grant approved @yemel ?

Really need to recover my lost LAND :frowning: