Using Decentraland Wearables to Fund a Real World Organic Plant and Animal Refuge

Howdy Yall.

I am The DreadHeaded Stranger. A GoodHearted SuperVillian. My Shih Tzu is my sidekick. Valentina: Queen of the Ewoks.

We live in Peru. Just south of Machu Picchu.

We have a piece of land in the High Jungle that we are turning into a Sustainable Paradise for Plants and Animals. It’s going to be called Valentina’s Queendom.

Since work is hard to come by in Peru, we have decided that the best way to generate the funds that we need for our project is in the Metaverse. Decentraland specifically.

We have created our first collection of 5 Wearables that we are selling for 5 MANA. Please buy one to support our project.

Our idea is that Valentina’s Queendom will exist in real life AND in Decentraland. But currently we know nothing about building here. Also, we don’t have the land here. The eventual plan is for it to be a Cafe/Coffee Shop/Club/Library in Decentraland where people can come to see me play my concerts. Where they can buy our NFTs and Real World Merchandise. Where people can see our videos of our plants, animals and projects.

We are seeking Collaborators, Financial Backers, and just supporters in general.

Please check out our two websites for more info.

Thanks for reading.

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