(Security Issue) How to Copy a Wearable, Explained

This needs to be fix to prevent wearables / objects from being copied

I can explain how to copy the .glb/.gltf file from *.decentraland.org, however i will

wait for @dao @admins to comment before I show how to copy files

from in-game, off the market place, and from the forum.
Which can be achieved by people whom have very little computer skills. There is no software to install, nor using any external website.


Thanks I’m very interested in learning.

Why learn people this…

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Looking forward to your explanation. This is not a small matter.

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Dang… You’re right. But unfortunately the previewer has to download the files to showcase them.

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Correct, as the previewer send’s a API GET to https://peer-ap1.decentraland.org/

@michi @Yannakis Yes this is fact if you have the knowledge it can be done.

Not sure how much of an issue that is though. After all “Decentraland** is an open -source initiative to build a decentralized virtual reality.”
Also it also looks like the review committee already has access to the glb files ( and these are the same persons who also make and sale wearables ). So they my get to learn some knew technic. I figure they have access based on this post:

This is right, the developers were saying that due to the platform being open source people can download glb files from the game so they make it a feature in the builder for most people. (Not just committee members)
The committee can download files also but we only usually do it to check wearables are meeting size requirements, standard guidelines or if there’s something wrong we might need to check like IP issues or setup troubleshooting. Usually we can check most things in Ropsten~

Availability micht change coming up due to the influx of people trying to publish existing models and it’s getting harder to catch! Also with the new client DCL might also be able to prevent downloading a bit more also, not too sure.
The wearable committee has no authority around this topic, only the community and devs.

Decentraland recently also had to remove all the basic wearable files that were on GitHub which were originally intended to help people entering the space have a reference due to people publishing them and being dishonest, which is a shame for the community of creators that actually want to learn.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!


Hi guys, Looking forward to your explanation

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