Collection 'colorfull things' created by nftverse#7375 is ready for review!

Collection has been disabled until the issue is resolved.


sorry for Uncoordinated content use.There are more than 50% was 3day on dcl discord.
i will try other mesh generation technic or change it completely if is possible.

please change it completely @nader as this is not your model. Maybe try to create yours from scratch. If this is allowed think of the loophole it will create for creators ripping off others IP… @METATIGER great job on your creation, I dont know if you should take this as a compliment or insult, seeing as he completely ripped off your model but change the size and color

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Yep, current model is a rip-off with minor changes, it can’t be used. You still can upload another model, made from scratch.


i will try to fix this issue at my free time.i hope before my fixing ,nobody want to use texture idea. :grinning:

is there any preciseNoticiation or rules about to allowing or not allowing content use,by change item parameters such polygon or etc…
i can only found this.
dcl doc.

This situation is clearly about direct usage of other creator’s work without their permission, which is considered direct IP violation. The original author also stated here in the thread and in direct messages, that they never gave any permission to use neither the model nor the texture.

The decision is final. There can be another model in place of the current one, untill then the collection will remain disabled. Other way - you could work it out with original author somehow, which is up to you.


Thank you Andreus for the clarification. The question is, how can something like this be prevented or deterred on the part of DCL in the future?

Well, if someone asks me first BEFORE he starts altering my wearable and uploading it, maybe we can could come to an agreement, but now…? That was a bad move even if it was only unintended. Also because it was rather 5% than 50% changed.

And nader, you can be glad that I’m not Nintendo, Disney or Toei. They would send a whole army of lawyers without discussion to protect their IP rights against you AND DCL.

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Unfortunately, I have no idea :slight_smile: Moreover, I’m not a dev, so a potential solution is surely not up to me either. As of now, it is (and, I think it will be) up to creators to spot such things if they come around them.

Then we creators have a lot to discover, I’m afraid. :frowning_face:

Please forward this general issue to a responsible person as I think this is maybe already a problem for other creators or could be in the future. I don’t think DCL needs such bad news, so it is in their own interest.


520 poly/triangle intertwined in a circular pattern.
The poin is that,many technic and process in blender (or other design software) can break/change this mesh poly/triangle order.
@AndreusAs said this is minor i was in mistake.sorry @METATIGER .


Yes, blessed to be creators in the Wild Wild West! Where the risk is great, but the reward is greater. Hats off to @AndreusAs for shutting this down so fast that said individual was not able to reap the rewards from another creators hard work. You’re the Sheriff in this town!

However, @nader as a community we need to look out for one another, and that’s what we do! So I challenge you to think outside the box on your creations, that’s how we will make @dao great! If you hit a roadblock, take a break and come back to it later. Just next time reach out to other creators if there is something that you feel is questionable on your end, because surely you knew it wasn’t right to do this. You will be surprised by how willing the community is to lend a hand when it comes to helping other creators. Just no more negligence OK, because if it were someone else besides @METATIGER the words might not have been so nice.



@METATIGER @eddie_nigma @AndreusAs

new technic new mesh same result :grinning:

I think you should read about IP again, from the very first chapter. It is NOT a technical problem. Are you joking with us?

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curly hair!.its a human hair style.its not anyone ip’s.
you can find many parallels beet when marvel and DC etc… content.They all came from explicit ip rules for the same industry.Today,in courts, anti-monopolysm wins more than monopolysm.
non-fungible word was selected for this reason for digital assets.
also i have not any sold from first minting.
its just for showing my design ability.its not for approving.i will change it completely. :smile:

I think you should go for a complete different design. But this is only an advise as I’m still a nice person. But for how long?

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This is very unfair to all the creators in DCL if someone can get a hold of our mesh and textures so easily, then try to publish them as their own. How can we put a stop to this happening? There is also a rule in on the publishing wearables site that I thought would have to be followed. >>>


Thank you for being so on top of this situation.

Nice Information, thanks for sharing

This thread ought to be kept alive continuously and repeatedly if forgotten:

The thread kinda just died down, as the conclusion of the discussion implies that the only way creators can protect themselves is to not publish to begin with.

Thankful for our curators’ quick action when notified of infringement, though it would be even better if the problem can be stopped at source.