Collection 'colorfull things' created by nftverse#7375 is ready for review!

I think you should read about IP again, from the very first chapter. It is NOT a technical problem. Are you joking with us?

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curly hair!.its a human hair style.its not anyone ip’s.
you can find many parallels beet when marvel and DC etc… content.They all came from explicit ip rules for the same industry.Today,in courts, anti-monopolysm wins more than monopolysm.
non-fungible word was selected for this reason for digital assets.
also i have not any sold from first minting.
its just for showing my design ability.its not for approving.i will change it completely. :smile:

I think you should go for a complete different design. But this is only an advise as I’m still a nice person. But for how long?

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This is very unfair to all the creators in DCL if someone can get a hold of our mesh and textures so easily, then try to publish them as their own. How can we put a stop to this happening? There is also a rule in on the publishing wearables site that I thought would have to be followed. >>>


Thank you for being so on top of this situation.

Nice Information, thanks for sharing

This thread ought to be kept alive continuously and repeatedly if forgotten:

The thread kinda just died down, as the conclusion of the discussion implies that the only way creators can protect themselves is to not publish to begin with.

Thankful for our curators’ quick action when notified of infringement, though it would be even better if the problem can be stopped at source.