Security disclosure - DAO Committee Incident

Hi all,

I have been hacked.

On January 15th the backup of some private keys was compromised, including the one used by DAO Committee. The hacker transferred all assets hold by such keys to another account and liquidated them in decentralized exchanges.

Fortunately, I didn’t hold DAO assets in that account and all the community treasuries were locked behind a multi-signature scheme.

I gived notice about the incident to the Security Advisory Board (SAB) and they proceed to replace my key from the DAO Committee by another member of the SAB until I review the situation and provide a new setup. Today I have been reinstated to the DAO Committee multi-sigs.

I feel bad about the lost and being pwnd in this way. In crypto, self-custodianship is a right but it came with these risks. I hope this serves as a reminder to everyone to review your setup and make sure it’s secure.

Regrets aside, I feel very grateful for the people I have around, my friends and family, this amazing project, and the incredible community we have at Decentraland <3

Let’s keep building,


Really sorry to hear this @yemel.

Couldn’t agree more.


Heartbreaking… much love @yemel


Everyone goes through this, stay strong.


I am sorry to hear @yemel . I too was hacked in Jan 2022 and they stole my life savings and again in May and they stole what little i made over those months so I defiantly been there. I don’t wish that upon anyone so deeply sorry for what you are going through. Take all time you need for mental health healing and we here for you. We also love everything you have done for our community.

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Very sorry to hear this @yemel :cry: They will pay for what they’ve done to us. :100: The Universe works in mysterious ways. Scammers :clown_face:

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i feel you man, that happen to me in 2021 and lost almost everything i have and started from zero again , many of the community knows my story … keep building it up and all will be memories with time .