[DAO:844cd62] Reorganize who handles Grant Revocation Responsibility

by 0xd4f1cab694c4424c4796549edbb9b489789f4df5 (TudaMoon)


Grant Support Squad is overloaded with responsibility and does not have the adequate time to be able to handle this workload of investigating grant revocation formal complaints by DAO members.


Remove the responsibility of handling formal complaints from the Grant Support Squad and give that responsibility to the Revocations Committee. A new fee structure will come into place for this as well. This will be discussed in future grants. New powers will be given to the Revocations Committee to help them fulfill their job of investigating formal complaints by DAO members.

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I believe they (Revocation Committee) should be able to do it without changes in their compensation. It will require a simple mechanism for visibility of the complaints as we discussed last week and our team is willing to help with that.

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Ok that’s fair. I mentioned it would be discussed. We don’t have to go through with it.

I’m voting yes for now so we can keep the discussion going.


Both the Support and Revocation Squads should have access to complaints, that’s because the Revocation Squad could simply be oblivious to the issues that were raised by the community and the Support has to try to help with suggestions and follow-ups.

Also, the title could explicitly mention handling complaints instead of “Grant Revocation Responsibility” in the future draft and proposal, as one could vote Invalid for that reason.

Yeah those are good points. Definitely open to changing the title and that’s interesting. I would like to discuss more about both having responsibility.

Agree with Cheddar and will vote YES for now. My only concern would be whether the Revocation Committee Members would also be overwhelmed. In the future we may need to add Bay as an active committee member + add an additional member to alleviate an overload of work. Look forward to how you will finesse the next round based on community feedback.

Honestly, I think all 5 of you should be on there, but that’s my opinion. Yes and anything we can add to the next round, I am open ears as long as we think it all through.

This 1 wallet who doesnt have a decentraland profile, will voting in 3 DAOs and is currently the only vote in Metatrekkers. This is going to be the 1 decider of the fate of this proposal. 1 Wallet. And people are NOT questioning the relationship of this person working on all 3 of those projects?

Metatrekkers vote, LandlordDAO and MetaGamiMall are all going to be voting on this.

Reorganize who handles Grant Revocation Responsibility

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • For 24% 2,651,919 VP (35 votes)
  • Against 75% 8,253,821 VP (44 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 67,731 VP (5 votes)