Revision of mana fee prizes

Edit to do a resume of topics:

  • Names: Update mana prize looking at mana/USD?
  • Wearables: Update mana prize looking at mana/USD?
  • Problems related with the wearable fee price:
    • The high mana price is bringing many collections that could consist on several items(shoes, pants, t-shirts,hats…), and only one is created(t-shirt or hat).
    • Some good artists can be seen very far from publishing.
    • High prices also affect the type of items that are created (mythical, rare, legendary …)
    • Lowering their price could lower the quality of wearables and affect the market.
    • More wearables increase performance problems as esteban post time ago.
    • More wearables can further flood the market for low-quality wearables, devaluing their price.

feel free to give me a hand with my broken english to make cleaner this first post (mp).

Original post:
I have been wanting to propose to make lower the fees of wearables for a long time, I would like to create some wearables to distribute for free.

I find the same problem in registering names also, new users never register their names, but I wanted to know what the community thinks to see if we found a meeting point before proposing anything.

How long has no name been mined?
Is it wanted to diferenciate old users from new users?

How many collections are not published due to the high price, and how many will unpublished after the increase of the mana value?

Should the price of fees stabilize with the prize in USD?

For me it would make sense to rethink the prices of wearables, but it is a sensitive issue.

A price per collection would be more sensible including several items, with these fees there will be many hats and shirts but few shoes and many collections that could be a set will be limited to a single wearable.

In any case, it would make sense to mark fees according to the price in USD.

For me it should not be more than 250 usd, and the names more than 25 dollars is very high, even 5 considering that you also have to pay gas fees (I have bought names for more than 100 dollars, but I think about the newcomers).

I am alone? what do you think guys?



I believe the current price (100 mana) to mint a name is acceptable. Given the benefits received, and the utility a name can provide, it is an easy investment and should be viewed as such. Not every newcomer will need or even want a name minted.

Now the Wearables, I do not know the fees structure. I do hope it is in line with the name price. While a higher fee may be a barrier to entry for many artists, this is not what I consider an entry level community. Quality over quantity. No need to saturate the market with beginner level Wearables no one wants.

Hope this doesn’t come across as condescending. Just my opinion. I applaud the levels of creativity and effort I see every day in DCL. And I certainly don’t want to stifle creativity due to exclusivity. But the bar is set and it appears to be in the right position.


Agree on the wearables to maintain the price, even if its more expensive for myself, but it’s a filter for quality, and also encourages to better think a project/utility for them.

About name, it’s a problem right now for adoption, a name makes you feel more involved with the game, sub-names proposal didn’t pass, but maybe can be re-formulated on specs: Create a new smart contract for Decentraland subdomains to be NFT’s

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@pablo I have seen it and I think it is the right way for solve the high prices for the names without make less valuables the ones minted in L1 by 100mana, and adding many possibilities in L2.
Looks awesome, I do not understand the massive vote against the proposal.
A matter of time or to formulate the proposal better I hope,
I link a thread of jason commenting about that on twitter:

About the wearables i know that is controversial and all the ways have pros and contras.

But maybe updating the price in mana according to a stable coin with an oracle could be a solution.
We could find a fee of $ 5000 for publishing a single item in some moment. As happened with the names.

Perhaps another option would be to charge a first commission of 500 by collection, and other smaller ones for the extra wearables in the same collection to encourage collections of more than one item, more complete collections instead of random wearables of single heads or t-shirts.

500 per collection, 100 per extra item with a limit of pieces could be a solution.

It worries me that the collections are going to be orphaned in certain parts because they are less popular, but really necessary for the clothing set as the artist designed them.

I also think that the market have to improve their search, sales history, highlight better products, mayb favs… so that lower quality wearables have less visibility by their own weight and are not a problem.
But they are not trivial questions, that’s why I opened this topic.

@KJJK your opinion it doesn’t seem condescending, it’s welcome! like others.
I’m just trying to open a debate that is on the minds of many and with many different points of view, from which I do not have the answers.

here is the funny thing about the 500 mana debate. it’s our govs fault for continuing to print so much gov bucks inflation is making 500 mana and our cheeseburgers 3 to 20X the cost. remember the dollar menu and $5 dollar footlong? its them we should be sending the petition not decentraland lol regardless, if this gets passed I want the difference sent back to me if possible since I just paid the full 500 mana plus the full amount for my name too. knowing my luck tho i will be the one sucker that pays the full price when its at its all time high lol so all good too i use to it.

I totally understand the feeling about the high prices to launch a wearable. 500 mana with the current price rate is quite an investment. But as other users already mentioned I think, it kind of guarantee a certain quality of the wearable. The creator need to see it as pre-financing the collection project, if it is created with quality in mind the wearable will definitely earn the 500 mana back. With a legendary item with a price of 7-10 mana (which is a low priced item in my opinion) is profitable by 70-50 sales. Which means if you achieve these sales. you will be able to reinvest 500 again without a new money deposit and here after you have a profit of 600-1000 mana which gives the opportunity to launch more and more. Start slow, grow big, Rome wasn’t built in a day either

So yes it is expensive, but it needs to have a little barrier otherwise it is too easy to submit “trash”, because people will see it as a way to generate quick money!

In any case, I think with high volatility is a bad moment to discuss about changing fee price, unless there is consensus to apply a stable fee coin/mechanism, but changing the price in MANA right away, right now, is not a good idea, I think.