Request: Feedback on which forum features matter most

I am a UX researcher looking into the tooling that DAOs use for operations and decision making. Specifically, looking into what DAOs love about Discourse (the forum of choice) and what could be improved. :thinking:

I have created a small discord group here to help me collect information from any volunteers who would be happy to help. Questions will be usually quick and short, and if we do any long form interviews, incentivize them in appreciation of the feedback.

The end goal is to provide better tooling to DAOs, but this can only be achieved by talking to them. If the Decentraland community is willing to help, join, please feel free to jump in and say hello.

There is only one channel there #general, since we want to keep comms simple.

Thank you and Much Appreciated!

On a related note, we are running user interviews (which are compensated).

To get started, please give us your thoughts in this quick survey.

It’s super important for us to get this information and your thoughts and ideas make a huge contribution in this effort.