Proposal for a more accessible and affordable DAO

Status: DRAFT

Summary :

A proposal for a more accessible and affordable DAO - introducing off-chain voting and delegated on-chain implementation via a Governance Committee.

Abstract :

Let’s improve our DAO’s engagement by lowering the barriers to participate:

  • Gas fees are a pain, so let’s move our voting system off-chain and create a governance committee that can carry out on-chain actions until more advanced technology is available.

  • The Governance Committee will be a community-voted committee of individuals who can collectively execute orders on the DAO. This power will let the Committee perform actions like transferring funds for grants.

  • Off-chain voting will be done through an instance of (an off-chain DAO) which will serve as the source of truth for our community polls.

  • Off-chain voting will be free. This will eliminate the on-going friction.

  • Our current voting power weight system will remain as-is: MANA & LANDs as the sources of voting power definition.

  • Proposal to improve other themes of the DAO, like documentation and overall UX.

Specification :

Full proposed implementation here.

For :

The Decentraland Foundation will develop the tooling needed for implementing off-chain voting (Snapshot implementation) and implementing a governance committee.

Against :

Keep the DAO as-is.

Poll :


What’s the funding requirement to make voting off chain?

No funding requirement. Snapshot is free, as well as the off-chain votes users will be emitting.

Yes! This is absolutely a great idea that should certainly be implemented. I’ve created several snapshots and they are fairly simple to setup and it is extremely easy to create and vote on proposals.

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This sounds like a great idea, and look forward to getting involved.

I’m new to the world, and scrapped together resources to grab a plot of land as to be a part of the DAO. Does this mean I would not need to commit my lands to the DAO and pay the gas fee at this time? Or would I still need to do that in order for my voting power to be calculated?

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First off, welcome! :wave:

According to the current proposal, you will still have to submit a transaction to “wrap” or commit your LAND and/or MANA to set your voting power. Snapshot needs to be able to refer to voter LAND/MANA balances in a smart contract in order to determine the weight of each vote.

What is the downside to this proposal

I still believe in the core values of Decentraland, some of which seemed like pipedreams 3 years ago, pre map era. As it turns out, what a wonderfully experienced team dcl created to bring this vision to life. As a long standing member and content creator / supporter of Decentraland and its community right from the beginning, I’d like to propose myself to be on the governance committee, or at least help out where I can.

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I’m passionate about the culture and potential of Decentraland and effective execution of the DAO for the future could be a huge defining feature for continued success . I think my participation in the community so far illustrates my passion for community, accessibility, and making the most of the spirit of this great experiment; first and foremost as a regular ole citizen of DCL - which is why I would like a chance to be a part of the committee as well.

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Thank you Eric! Very happy to be here, and excited to integrate further. Very excited to be able to witness and be apart of what is happening here.

@Agustin Now that this has been approved, what are next steps?

Hey @GarbageAnger! Now that the proposal is approved, the Foundation team will begin building the tools needed for the Snapshot integration. This includes a redesign of the UI at ‘’ to accommodate the new proposal structure, setting up Decentraland’s space on Snapshot, and connecting these services with the DAO’s smart contracts on Aragon!

@eric Any idea of timeline?

@GarbageAnger My understanding is that the core features (support for the new proposal categories, the ability to vote off-chain, and improved documentation) should hopefully be ready in 3-4 weeks. There are additional features planned to help people browse, sort, and manage proposals, which will likely be added after these first core features.

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Is there anywhere the Commoners (such as myself) can see these things? Or, how are you able to get that info? Is it public?

@GarbageAnger I contract with the Decentraland Foundation team as a tech writer, so I’ll be helping with documentation and communication around the new DAO. A project I’m starting is improving visibility into the Foundation’s work with the DAO (e.g. status updates on the work described in this proposal). More of this info needs to be made available to the entire community, as soon as possible!