[DAO:ca7522d] Boosting Decentraland Governance Participation

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Low voter turnout is a persistent problem in decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), including Decentraland. These issues can result in governance decisions being made by a small subset of the community, or in a lack of engagement and buy-in for key decisions.

Our proposal seeks to address this problem by increasing voter turnout and community engagement in Decentraland’s governance process. We will achieve this by leveraging our automated proposal notification tool and direct voting system, which streamlines the voting process and makes it easier and more convenient for members to participate in governance.

Grant size

5,001 USD

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We propose leveraging our automated proposal notification tool and direct voting system, which streamlines the voting process and makes it easier and more convenient for members to participate in governance. Our notification tool will send email notifications to all DAO members about new proposals, increasing voter turnout and promoting more active participation from the community. What’s more, our email feature uses ChatGPT’s language generation technology to summarize each proposal, making it easier for people to quickly understand the key points and make informed voting decisions. The direct voting system will allow members to vote on proposals with a few clicks within the notification email, further streamlining the process and making it even more convenient for members to participate in governance.

How it works:
1- Decentraland members can opt-in to receive email notifications through our website.
2- Whenever there is a new proposal, our automated notification tool will send an email to all opted-in members. This email will include a summary of the proposal, generated using ChatGPT’s language generation technology, to make it easier for members to quickly understand the key points.
3- Each email will include a link to the proposal page where members can directly cast their vote on the proposal.

In summary, our proposal to increase voter turnout and community engagement in Decentraland’s governance process is a critical step in building a more democratic and inclusive community. Our proposal leverages our automated proposal notification tool and direct voting system, which streamlines the voting process and makes it easier and more convenient for members to participate in governance. We believe that our project will make a meaningful contribution to the growth and success of the Decentraland community, and we are excited to partner with Decentraland to help build a more participatory and effective governance system.

Our existing webpage can be found at https://daohub.xyz

Budget Specification

We are requesting $5,000 DAI. 90% of the funds will be used for research&development and 10% will be allocated for API services such as Mailgun.


Arda Erturk - CEO & Founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/ardaerturk/
I studied machine learning & data science at University of Toronto between 2016-2021. During my academic career, I worked at Canada’s largest bank, Scotia Bank, as a solutions architect under Global Wealth Management department. During my 3rd year, I co-founded Roll Scooters which is backed by Techstars. I’m a strong believer in the future of DAOs. I’m part of various DAOs including Lime DAO, Constellation DAO, and building my own DAO called AceDAO.

Daniel Robinson - Founding Engineer https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielrobinson94/
Daniel is a self-taught web3 engineer. He has prior DAO and DApp experience as lead developer including Fragmints. He also worked at Goldman Sachs as an analyst prior to his engineering career.

Calson Sheng - Founding AI Engineer https://www.linkedin.com/in/calson-sheng-82085a101/
Calson is a second-time entrepreneur, pursuing his Master of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Toronto. Arda met Calson at one of the web3 events he hosted in Toronto. At the time, Calson was building a DAO analytics platform where he uses Natural Language Processing models and sentiment analysis to enable data-driven decisions. He then joined forces and integrating his platform into DAOhub!

Roadmap and milestones

Upon approval of this proposal, we will provide a link to contributors to share with the Decentraland community. From this link, members can opt-in to receive new proposal alerts and begin participating in governance right away.

To ensure transparency and accountability, we will provide monthly reports on the increase in governance participation and the impact of our tool.

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Hello random number wallet ^.^

when Name Claim?

now I would like to direct you to this chart

as you can see voting participation is at an all time high.

not sure we really need this right now.

Thank you for taking the time Hope to see you on Decentraland one day :slight_smile:

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We included our personal information in the proposal including our bios and Linkedin accounts to make it transparent.

Thanks for sharing the engagement chart. It’s great to see an upward trend in overall participation. However, we believe there is still room for improvement considering the total number of voters. According to DeepDAO, the total number of token holders is 306.7K but there have been 6,494 lifetime participants with the average number of votes per proposal being 49 - although the avg. number of votes seems to be improved. (Source: DeepDAO)

Our goal is to support DAOs to make governance participation easier and more accessible and would love to support Decentraland.

A great way to show an easy and inexpensive way to support DCL is to mint a name.

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Hey DAO friends! Glad to see new ppl from other DAOs here. Love connecting and learning from other DAOs and the successes and failures that happen to us all!

I’m curious to know your interest specifically with Decentraland? When did you discover this platform and jump in world? Or have you only been aware of the DCL DAO primarily? Are you actively pitching boosting engagement in others DAOs as well, besides here?

I personally think there should be more active participants in DAOs that are shaping the future of governance, but reading through your proposal though, this already exists. Sans ChatGBT(but who knows maybe the teams do use it heh).

The Decentraland DAO has an email they send out frequently with current proposal summaries and links to them, and they post on social as well. So does the Decentraland Foundation, although those emails mostly focus on in world platform. There’s even Decentraland Studios that shares via email lots of the Dev work going on, and reminds us of the AMAs with Foundation Devs. There’s also the DAO Times, which is a DCL DAO Grant that covers all things DAOs and DCL.

I see you have an experienced team with respectable backgrounds, so do stay involved here, go check out the many proposals active right now, maybe join the DAO Discord and get involved in a convo or two. The best way to know exactly what a platform needs, is experiencing it, not just researching it, and as we’re already aligned, we need more active ppl, so come join us!

Hi there,

Appreciate your feedback.

I personally discovered Decentraland in 2021 and have been following since then. I’m not a member but Decentraland was one of the first DAOs that sparked my interest in DAOs!

We work with other DAOs and the first step we connect with DAOs typically doesn’t involve proposals. We wanted to try something new by submitting a grant proposal first.

I am a member of various DAOs and am also a DAO builder myself. One of the core issues that we have encountered in our governance participation is that people often do not receive notifications about new proposals because they mute Discord servers. In order to address this challenge, we built a simple tool.

While I am aware of the DCL newsletters, we have found that proposal-specific emails result in better participation rates than including them in the newsletters.

We already have a notification tool that works well… I would never in my life sign up to receive an email each time a proposal is created.

Boosting Decentraland Governance Participation

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 51 VP (22 votes)
  • No 99% 5,952,074 VP (129 votes)