Programming smart wearables

Hi DCL Community,

I have read the DCL docs for smart wearables but couldn’t find information to program the wearables for specific functionality. For example, I am curious if I can program a smart wearable to generate a fireball (new mesh) and fire it (animation).

Is there a resource I can study to learn more about making creative (whatever I can think of and limitations) smart wearables?

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I’d ask @lastraum

If he’s busy I’d join CBD Discord and ask @AwedJob

If those steps don’t work, :man_shrugging:


Thanks for the tag @jar0d !

Here’s the official documentation page. Smart Wearables | Decentraland Documentation

A couple of things to note. Firstly, think of a smart wearable, as exactly like scene code, but without the geographic limitations of parcel dimension secondly, the maximum size for the entire scene can only be 2MB. Lastly, any information or things played by the smart wearable, will only be visible to the person wearing the item, unless you use a multiplayer server to connect to other players, wearing the same wearable.

You can definitely achieve what you’re looking to accomplish in a smart wearable.

I’m happy to help any further, if you need to! Reach out to me on Discord or Twitter


Excellent! Thank you @jar0d for the direction and @lastraum for the information and offer to help! I look forward to digging into this.


Hi ChronoT,

To program creative functionalities for smart wearables in DCL:

  1. Check community forums for insights.
  2. Explore VR development tutorials.
  3. Join online Decentraland communities.
  4. Experiment and collaborate with others.

Thank you RizwanKhan! I am digging ing this, this week. Much love have a good week.

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