Pre-proposal discussion: POI adjustments

I’ve been a part of several conversations over the last week about what the future of POIs should look like in Decentraland. This post should serve as a collection point for the past conversations and a rally point for future conversations.

Concerns + summarized responses

  • The DAO is mostly being used for POIs
    • Stronger filtering and sorting will solve this, and more diverse proposals will increase as the DAO gains confidence
  • The quality of POIs varies significantly
    • The minimum VP threshold for POIs is intended to solve this (at least partially).
  • There is no way to preview POIs outside of the world
    • To judge a POI a governor should experience it in world. Although particularly weak candidates could potentially be screened through images, there is much more to Decentraland than is seen in screenshots.
  • The VP required to add a POI is too low
  • The VP required to add a POI is too high
    • The VP thresholds can be adjusted by the DAO once we have more information to make a compelling argument from data for an adjustment.

General solutions proposed

  • Expiration dates / fixed activity periods for POIs. Some POIs would expire automatically and some would be renewed annually unless voted down.
  • A fixed number of POIs. New POIs would have to replace existing POIs through an “antagonist” vote (new POI vs. old POI—pick one).
  • A token-curated registry for POIs

Please add thoughts and discuss below! Because the DAO interface is owned + developed by the Foundation, there is most likely extensive product work and thought being done on their side. This thread should help us in the DAO mature our thinking on POIs.