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Hi everyone,

So, for the first time since this forum was open, I decided to use my moderator rights and hid one post by @AaronLeupp (screenshot).

I’d like to ask your opinion on whether or not do you think it was OK for me to do it.

On the one hand, I think that comments should be constructive and helpful. On the other hand, the power to moderate can easily be abused (specially in a governance platform).

This is a very active debate globally – every comment is easy to create, amplified by the platform and read by hundreds, but every person only has a limited amount of minutes and attention time. The effort to filter signal from noise being repeated leads to a tragedy of the commons, and one comment by somebody can suddenly cost hundreds of times the effort and energy to attend to it.

(in either case, I am resigning to these moderation powers – feels like the ring from LotR).

Here’s the poll!

  • Aaron’s comment was Off-Topic and it’s ok for it to hide it
  • Aaron’s comment was Off-Topic but it’s not ok to hide it
  • Aaron’s comment was not Off-Topic
  • Whatever, we should pay attention to other things
  • Whatever (just show me the results)
  • Invalid question/answers

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@esteban Thank you for asking this question. I actually think this is an important topic of freedom of speech. I think one’s perception can lead to a slippery slope of centralization and censorship.

As for noise, I think instead of censoring, we can work to try to have comment threads, where the original comment will be the main comment and those who reply to it would open up. Similar to Facebook. Because if person A is replying to Person B, most likely it is responding to their response. Meanwhile, if you are responding to the post, it would become a main comment.

To be quite honest, I think when I see an entirety of an answer that says something like “Easy Yes vote for me.” I find those comments quite off topic and irrelevant to the topic at hand. If we wanted to see how someone voted, we can clearly look. However, I do think it is different if one explains why they are voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if they include facts or evidence supporting one’s vote.

For this reason you mentioned, delegating VP is super important. If you don’t have time to participate or read most comments and you care about voting you would then delegate your VP with someone who has similar stances as you.

However, on the contrary delegation leads to centralization. The question is really, how long can we remain decentralized? Obviously this will be a forever battle. Let’s not be arrogant and believe it is possible to remain decentralized forever. Many are not willing to cooperate in a way to do what’s best for the community, and because of that people’s best choice is to choose what is best for them. Prisoner’s dilemma/Tragedy of the Commons 101.

With that being said, I believe embracing as much freedom of speech as possible while implementing sensible guidelines can be helpful, such as the ones @Seanny mentioned. Also I am a firm believer that while coding is logical, it is still an art, because how you put it all together really matters. In comparison, I believe persuasion is an art and unconventional tactics that can unguard someone’s stubbornness to view new opinions, is extremely important. Sometimes self-reflection can be difficult to see without someone pointing it out in a weird way. I am by no means saying to attack one’s person, but I do think actions are fair game.

Not a priority IMHO, but sounds about right. I’d like to empower users to create their own front-ends to explore the data, that would be a lot better and a real enabler of decentralization. Why would the governance app developers be the only ones with the power to decide how everyone else sees the frontend? Well, because we profit from the advantages of division of labor. I believe Ricardo and Smith did not foresee the power disadvantages that the combination of division of labor and the information revolution together would create.

Partially agree. Yes, I think that you should delegate if you can’t make the time to carefully think and vote. But filtering signal from noise in the conversation is mostly orthogonal to VP delegation.

Could you clarify what kind of decentralization are you referring to here? I don’t agree with this statement as written, but I think I don’t fully understand your point.

So while I personally believe decentralization is the best policy and what I personally strive for. I don’t believe we will be able to overcome centralization in the long-term. Please see Vitalik’s article. I have come to similar conclusions while studying game theory and human action. Superrationality and DAOs | Ethereum Foundation Blog

Anyways, so I do believe centralization will be the ultimate outcome for this governance as we make progress. Typically better advancements attract more users. With more users, the ability to trust that a bigger group of people to be virtuous in their decision making decreases over time, making people choose to vote on more selfish acts. This leads to rules being created, which leads to enforcement of these rules. With enforcement comes more tyranny and less freedom as enforcement increases. Which then leads to a new revolution or a new system. This is nothing new.

So with this understanding that rules will eventually come to fight against bad actors or to fight in favor of selfish desires, the best thing to do is to create rules that require full embracement of freedoms. Rules that prevent actions that lead to centralization of power.

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Hey @AaronLeupp, I was out of line whatever the result of the poll is. Please accept my apologies.


haha all good no need for apologies, but that means a lot to me for you saying that. As I said I will never lose respect and love for you and all you have done for me and us all. I rather this stuff happen to me anyway so we can grow together rather then down the line to someone else that may take it the wrong way. As always thank you for everything.


Please dont ban Sir Aaron . Hes one of a kind streamer . Hes giving away a free spin and what ever the result of that spin he give us all for free . Thank you Decentraland …


Haha thanks @MumuHugs however as said on stream i believe all is good now. I was writing that other tweet before the responses were said here in this forum, and I received the DMs too. However I do appreciate you and the others always sticking up for me and looking out for me whenever you guys can. You all are amazing and what make Decentraland and Waifumon community so great. Mass love to you guys as always had an amazing and record breaking stream today <3 thanks so much and was tons of fun.

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