[DAO:d9ea77c] Should someone be banned from Forum for 1 year for sharing their views/beliefs?

by 0xbc02db030361121dd43bbb2fcbcb4f9f98c1dc7d (Grantee)

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I am banned from Decentraland Forum until Nov 2024 for sharing my views/beliefs?


Establish clear guidelines/policy & make the forum more decentralised. We need to know who is moderating/controlling the forum because as of right now it’s unclear & confusing for all users. I feel too much power may be given to those in control.


It is unclear at this stage who runs the DCL forum. For almost a year now almost all my messages get flagged and removed (deleted) by the system without any valid reason or explanation. I feel I’ve been personally targeted & attacked by a group of individuals and even some who are part of the Foundation & Dao.

How can you ban someone from the forum for one year without any form of community voting? This does not fit what Decentraland is about. Everyone should feel free to make a comment, express their feelings & opinions. Saying there are only two genders should not get a forum member, especially an active old time platform contributor, user banned from the forum for one year. We need a solution for this problem, not dictatorship. Blocking & banning users only because they share & believe views that are opposite to your beliefs is a sign of hypocrisy, low self esteem and a dictatorship. Therefore such actions do not align well with what Decentraland has built over the years.


The core of the problem is Foundation & DAO have given too much power to whoever is in control of the forum. They’re taking advantage of their positions by acting in a misdemeanour behaviour and knowingly, inflicting harm to platform.

There has to be clear policies & guidelines on the Forum. We, as users deserve the right to know who is currently working for the forum. We need to know if they’re involved with DAO/Foundation and establish if there is a conflict of interest as I believe there is a conflict of interest, having the same person employed over all 3 entities.


I ask for the community to be able to vote & select the forum workers & moderator and these positions to be renewed every 6 months by bring ing in new people. This is why we have the DAO for right?


I ask that my forum account be restored in the meantime.

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I was going to vote on this until I realized I must not understand the proposal. The proposal asks the question, “Should someone be banned…” You claim you have been banned and yet you voted YES, someone should be banned. Why even bring this up if you agree that you should be banned. Thank you.

@Existential14 there was word trickery in the first round as well. Either way, it is invalid vote for me.

This needs to be re-written, I cant understand the question we should be voting on…Yes I agree the DAO has too much unilateral power, No a person should not be banned for one year without community vote and clear explanation as to the exact violation.

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Nice catch! thats really sharp.


Should someone be banned from Forum for 1 year for sharing their views/beliefs?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 13% 505,938 VP (15 votes)
  • No 20% 761,412 VP (14 votes)
  • Abstain 67% 2,500,884 VP (38 votes)