Delegating more VP to make more voices heard

Dear all,

I hope this message finds you in good spirits and health. Six months ago, in an attempt to bring decentralization and amplify the voices of the actual users of Decentraland, I allocated the Beluga account’s voting power to users whose voting patterns were in alignment with [what I perceive to be] the core values of Decentraland. I believe the experiment was largely successful, but I have recently been approached repeatedly regarding possible abuses of this delegation, and some of the recipients also told me that it has been a burden at points. I don’t think the “abuse” is as it was pointed out, but it definitely gets amplified by the constant trolling.

So, in order to distribute and relief some of that burden, I’m continuing the experiment by allocating ~6M more voting power in the hands of more users. My only ask to the recipients of these delegations is that you vote what you think is best for the platform. And keep strong against paid trolls trying to destroy whatever good vibes appear.

I revamped the code I was using for enhanced clarity and ease of comprehension. It’s a basic frontend without any design, which uses the DAO’s public data and enables users to select a group of delegators by comparing how one would vote with their past votes. Check it out at I have made the code publicly available on my GitHub account with a guide to use it, and a guide to modify it: the repository also includes some prompts that I ran on ChatGPT, who was responsible for coding a significant portion of the application. I recommend you try out, a really good coding companion.

We should not be in-fighting, the threat lies elsewhere. I believe that platforms nowadays have too much power relative to their users, and that this power imbalance comes from users not being able to modify the interfaces of their software. Software systems need a lot of effort, time, knowledge, and money investments to make computers do what we want. I’ve been deeply interested in the idea of reducing these costs, as I see it’s the only way to the decentralization of big platforms’ power.

At Decentraland, we encounter this issue often. Whether it’s a desire for faster performance or new features, the effort and expertise needed to make changes can be overwhelming. About 15 years ago, creativity was bubbling in everyone’s mind, with ideas for new mobile applications, like social networks, dating apps, and navigation systems that could improve everyone’s lives. However, development costs are often prohibitive, and most ideas never saw the light. I think that a significant reduction in these costs is due in the next few years, possibly by several orders of magnitude with the use of AI. When app development becomes as affordable as a few hundred dollars, instead of a few hundred thousand dollars, the protocols for this new wave of applications will become critically important.

In order to achieve these reductions in cost, it’s critical for software to be open source, friendly to AI systems to modify and test, and built on a solid protocol layer. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of accelerating this change, particularly for Decentraland’s protocol. I’ve been building a social sharing app for Decentraland, separate from the awesome new features being built by the Foundation under Yemel’s leadership. Just this past month, they released (list credits to Alvaro Luque, PM at the Foundation):

I’ll keep you posted of any progress; in the mean time, I wish you happy times in the metaverse!



Who do you believe are “paid” trolls? Seems like the kind of information you should make public.

Thank you for illustrating my point!

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You think someone is paying me?


I think it’s ridiculous that you haven’t been banned yet. I mean, I don’t know if you are getting paid, but you definitely and immediately destroy whatever good vibes appear.


what part of my question “destroyed good vibes”?

You can not like questions, but to accuse me falsely of being a “paid troll” is pretty childish.

One step closer toward a more decentralized voting system. The only concern would be potential bias if someone were to “overstep” a line by the delegate.

I think this is a good thing and is a step in the right direction. People complain about whales. They complain about lack of voting. They complain about too much voting. Nothing is right to everyone.

As we mature in Decentraland, I believe voters will have a much better financial literacy toward what is beneficial and worth supporting.



After a small discussion asking for the reasons esteban made it clear to me that he did it for the interest of the DAO, so I take my words back and see no reason to panic about this topic any further.


Thank you what you have done. Really looking forward to that Social App your are working on, if it can be integrated with Decentraland platform, there is no reason why others can’t take benefit and offer an alternative to Discord in a decentralized format.

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Says the guy directly responsible for at least 2 of the people DMing Esteban that they don’t want to be part of the dao anymore.

I only brought urgent matters to Esteban’s attention and that is why he is here now right.


Yes. I suspect @esteban is unaware of the fact that you’ve been harassing the queer and trans community and mocking anyone who has asked you to stop using the r-word as an insult.

If Esteban is acting on your request, it’s an unfortunate day for the community.

What’s unfortunate is you getting banned and that is a fact. :grinning:

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I feel now like my votes count even less now. yes, i’m a bit jealous. Just do as he says though and use it wisely please.

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Let me tell you what is going to be a fortunate day for the community, the day you get banned :rofl:

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Stick around @Existential14… your voice is heard even if you don’t have much VP. I appreciate you being a part of the community.


Thank you, and I. You disappeared and did not go unnoticed. I understand though. No need to explain just letting you know.


“to accuse me falsely”… that’s like your key trait in every conversation in the DAO channel making baseless accusations to people. Glad you’re muted. It has been peaceful in the last 3 days without you around. Conversations have been respectful and constructive.

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We need to look further and dig deeper as to how, why, who or whom allowed this to happen all this time. I say they are just as responsible as much as jar0d if not more.

Now if only you had something to contribute besides trying to shit talk me… it would make your point more compelling.