[DAO:000d998] Proposal for District X VP and Esteban's Delegation VP Removal

by 0xb5f4ebcc5a90e58d953ee9e64e365c2468f31f51 (Bullion)

I propose temporarily suspending the District X VP’s voting privileges on Decentraland Community grants, polls, and related matters until the issues within his community are appropriately addressed and resolved. This proposal does not include the removal of his land or the restitution of the land to its rightful owners; I believe that matter to be internal.

I have confidence in Rob Lynn’s integrity, and I trust that he will take actions that align with the greater good of Decentraland.

Additionally, I propose the removal of Esteban for the act of delegating his VP responsibilities. While I recognize that his intentions may be well-founded, I believe that this action sends the wrong message within Decentraland. The delegation seems excessive, and I am concerned that it does not align with the values and standards we strive to maintain here in Decentraland.

This proposal is submitted for consideration by the community, and I invite all members to deliberate on these matters, providing feedback and voting according to their perspectives.

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  • No
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If this passes, it will set an extremely bad precedent.

Can u please elaborate these two points.

I believe this addresses specific events and not overall problems. voting no for that reason

This should be two separate polls.

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How will you remove estebans vp he is free to delegate just like anyone else…

Thank you all. After reading your comments, I will consider everything for the purposes of the next poll. To whoever hasn’t shared their thoughts feel free to comment with no judgment.

Vote: NO

This is a poorly executed grab bag of grievances. Focus your intent and try again.

You have two different purposes and should be two separate proposals. Suspending a person’s VP without due process sets a bad precedence. Regarding ppl choosing to delegate their VP, you may not like it but it’s a central function to governance in the DCL DAO. You do understand that a person can vote with the VP they delegated if they prefer it be cast for a different choice? It can also be taken away permanently.

Would you prefer the days where entities with millions of VP were whaling in and voting to pass proposals for their clients? I am one person who has received a sizeable VP delegation. I even challenged 50 people to apply for VP delegation. I think a collective decision, made by multiple people, will better benefit the whole rather than a few landed gentry.

I will happily discuss this topic further either here or via DM if you like.

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I always value your opinions :clinking_glasses:

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If Esteban feels that his VP is being used for something he doesn’t agree with, he’s always free to override those votes or remove his delegation.

I’ve seen some evidence of RobL being vengeful with the VP from his controversially held district, but I think the handling of that should be a separate discussion with more evidence and testimony demonstrating that RobL is intentionally and objectively harming the platform.

If the issue is delegation of VP that every mana holder has the right to do. The community should not single one person out. If web3 has anything to with decentralization and owner rights, this doesn’t meet those standards.

I don’t agree with removing delegations but that would be more of a reasonable request over saying one person over another can’t delegate.

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Thank you for all the valuable feedback. I’ll definitely take all these ideas and suggestions into account. Let me emphasize: Neither a founder nor a district is more important than all of us coming together. If we want change, we must use our voices.

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Proposal for District X VP and Esteban’s Delegation VP Removal

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 163,937 VP (24 votes)
  • No 82% 11,445,819 VP (60 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 17% 2,524,334 VP (14 votes)

Proposal for District X VP and Esteban’s Delegation VP Removal

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)