Map won't update my new estate configuration?

Hello. I created an estate a few days ago (made up of 17 parcels), then added more (14) parcels to it. When I view the map while I’m signed in to DCL, my estate is all one big red estate. That’s good, that’s what I want. But, when I sign out and look at the map, there is a line dividing my parcel about halfway through it. I see the same thing when I view the map in-world. Is there a way to get the whole estate to be contiguous on the map? Without the line in the middle that makes it look like two estates on the map? I am concerned that when I go to add my estate as a Point of Interest, it won’t show the full footprint.

Coords = (5,-42)
Estate name: Edifice Metaversal

estate formation txid’s: