Partial estate is publishing

Hi Decentraland Support Community,

I recently purchased two adjacent parcels and combined them into an estate as a 1x2.

For some reason, I can only publish on one parcel (-121,-69) of the estate (-121,-69 and -120,-69), using the online sdk7 builder.

In the Editor, when an asset (from the asset pack) is located in the center of the publishable part of the estate (-121,-69), it shows up normally in DCL for that one parcel of the estate. Then, when I move that asset closer to the unpublishable parcel (-120,-69), and publish, (in Decentraland) the asset is not moving towards the other parcel of the estate (-120,-69), it instead is moving towards a region that is not owned by me. It appears as if the parcels are not rotated in the correct position for the estate.

This results in publishing only one parcel (-121,-69) of the estate, while the unpublishable parcel (-120, -69) shows up as a light green color with a white grid of 16 squares.

I currently have a ground and a mixtape in the publishable parcel and nothing in the unpublishable parcel. (-121,-69)

please help,

-ChronoT aka Michael

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Hi DCL Community,

I have figured out the problem.

I have a 1x2 and the editor created a highlighted region to build my 1x2 within.

The problem is that only one of the highlighted parcels was mine. My other adjacent parcel (of the estate) was in a non-highlighted adjacent region. I found it by troubleshooting and placing one asset in each surrounding parcel, and sure enough, something showed up. In a process of elimination I determined which non-highlighted region was my parcel. I will be happy to share screenshots or provide further information.

I am new to this but it looks like this is a bug in the online builder.