Links in Builder to access 3rd party created Asset Packs

Proposal: Upgrade the Builder to allow users to access Asset Packs created by other users.

Motivation: Describe in three sentences why this is a good idea and the broad strokes of how it could be implemented
Tapping into the immense creativity of the DCL community, users would now have access to custom Asset Packs they can use to bring new models into their scenes. The default options in the Builder are a great start, but the world is starting to look repetitive with the same objects everywhere. Creators of custom Asset Packs would need a way to offer them within the Builder.

Background: References to similar ideas or things, other features that have to be taken in consideration, how would this idea fix previous issues.
The closest comparison are the default Asset Packs in the Builder already.

Use cases: Narrate and describe how different users or personas would benefit from this getting implemented.
This idea would just broaden the number of models available to users utilizing the Builder. This would be a win-win for everyone: 3D content artists get their work into the world, while DCL becomes more unique and beautiful.

User stories: Succinct descriptions of goals that can be achieved if this gets implemented
As a builder user, I want to be able to access more models to customize my scenes. Providing a streamlined path for 3D content artist could create a new marketplace where I can find models that match my vision for my scene without needing to create models myself.