Launching a survey inside Decentraland

Hello folks,

I am Shivam, a Ph.D. student in Marketing at Florida International University. I am doing some paid research related to Metaverse. I want to use Decentraland platform for my research. I wanted some assistance in doing a survey related to user experience on the decentraland users. It will help in improving the platform and meet users’ need.

Specifically, I want to know the following:

If my survey can be somehow launched inside decentraland platforms so avatars/users can complete it. I will be paying them to complete it. This will be a huge help in conducting my research.


@shivam my name is Gulnaz and I am a phd student as well and I am also trying to do research of social virtual worlds/metaverse users. It is very very difficult to find the participants. I started with forums, but users on the forums were not very engaging:( Now I am trying to go inworld as well. If you have any best practices-let me know:)

Nice to hear from you Gulnaz! Could we connect and talk more on maybe email or Zoom directly? We can share what are the ways to conduct research so far.

Hi @shivam. Sure, sounds good. My email is
Talk to you soon.