Introduction from FMF365 & Virtual Dan

Hello Decentraland! My name is Virtual Dan. We’ve built a very special ecosystem that’s going to help close the wealth gap in America.

  • Exclusive NFT Collection (minted 9-28-2021)
  • The VDcoin, which is our ERC-20
  • State of the Art Budgeting App which is run off machine learning & algorithms
  • Robo-Advisor Portfolio Mgmt through Fidelity Investments
  • Financial Resources for all

My new office building is located at -147,23 (Please vote YES in Decentraland add to Points of Interest)

We are going to have live office hours where you can come and ask any personal finance questions you have, wearable giveaways, Parties on the rooftop dance floor with CJ-Trax, and much more!

See you there!
Virtual Dan