Discord scammer ban


I recently reported a scammer on the decentraland discord server. Then the scammer turned around a fabricated a direct message about me scamming someone else. Now I am banned! How do I appeal this?

I recently joined discord because I was told that I could negotiate LAND deals there. After posting questions about buying land, my DM became full of solicitations. I am pretty sure they were all scams too since their links were to fake collections and obscure market places.

@Peanutbutta may be able to help?

Somehow I think this forum may be more productive for me when I start to build out my parcel. I will probably need advice on how to build interactive elements. Discord is full of scammers. And the channels aren’t organized in a way where you can have good discussions.

Assuming there are enough active users here.

Looks like we both ran into scammers. Luckily, I did not fall for their traps. Were you ever able to recover your funds?

Peanutbutta#4350 message me on discord if you need help still

I just tried connecting to decentraland’s discord server. Still not able to join.

@Peanutbutta just sent you a friend request on discord.

This has been resolved.