Banned from Discord DAO server without warning or explanation

Why was I (FullyLoaded#4753) banned from the DCL DAO server without any warnings or explanation as to what I did? I believe I did not break any rules but I got no warnings at all so not sure. This just happened now.

Can I please get a response here? @HPrivakos @Tobik @yemel

Very rare for an active participant to be banned from Discord without good reason. Looking forward to a response.


:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire_engine: :fire_extinguisher:… I’ve noticed some worrying things about our Discord server. It’s supposed to help a decentralized community, but it’s being overrun by young people who don’t even engage with the main DCL community, even though most of our active members are from the U.S. They don’t seem to have a good grasp of basic English and they don’t know how to manage online communities properly. It looks like they care more about making money than contributing to our community (ask them when was the last time they logged in to join an event). They’re not very good at talking to other people and they have trouble encouraging meaningful conversations. I can’t tell if they really care about our community or if they’re just looking out for themselves. To stop this from happening again, I think we need to find people with the right skills who can focus on different parts of our community. Running this server takes mental toughness, as well as common sense, and a caring and understanding attitude. It’s important to know your community (KYC).

He got an answer. They joined the discord and jumped right into shit talking my grant request. Nothing about how they’ve acted or communicated indicate they are the new user they claim.

This is not true. You are just butt hurt I didn’t like your grant and gave a few good points which you couldn’t argue back, its okay though I have nothing against you or anyone and I understand how people get when the grant doesn’t go their way.

I gave my feedback on what I think about the grant and the VP participation on said grant. I’ve said many times before I am not new never claimed to be in fact I have said I’ve been around since almost the beginning and never was interested in participating until recently, my discord account is what’s new and because of how nasty the DAO can be I decided to not link to my dcl persona. I was banned for supposedly starting “drama” as HPrivakos told me. I had joined the server a couple days ago when you called me a sockpuppet and I responded to that. Was also told that its obvious I’m an alt with malicious intentions and was banned right away. I don’t know who’s because when I asked that was used against me too. I never got a clear response on why I was banned without reason or warning, I don’t believe I did or said anything that was due a ban or kick instantly from server.

Anyways I’m over it, convo about my ban can be read on dcl server. Decentralization at its finest.

Lol, i didn’t get s chance to reply before they were deleted. Please avoid fabricating more nonsense

I’m not fabricating anything. Anyone can go read messages in forum or discord. And they were flagged for being off topic by someone I edited them and they were reverted I think. You did reply to them but okay.
Either way I believe banning or kicking my account from the server without warning or reason was unnecessary and just disrespectful.

Only what’s considered positive is allowed I imagine, I don’t believe I was disrespectful when I called something out for what it really is. The fact that the metric people were looking at for DAO engagement prove was the VP casted on the grant. Anyways, just disappointing.