[DAO:xatthxu] I ask the community's help to recover my lost mana for a big mistake!

by 0x7c41ccdc26a9aaefa05ac0bd9c9c9d7bb5bd89f9

Should the following Tier 1: up to $1,500 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


I lost my mana during a transaction from poloniex to bittrex, because i sent my mana to the mana’s conctract. I ask for understanding and help from the community, I am in good faith. Please read all i wrote in the “Description” of this grant request. For me is very important.

Grant size

358 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



I sent some days ago, around 335 mana from poloniex to bittrex, before to sent my mana I verified if the contract was correct (when you deposit a token on bittrex, bittrex advice you to do this). When I copied the bittrex address for the deposit, I don’t pressed correctly the keys control+C of my keyboard, so unfortunately during the paste, I used the mana’s contract address (last value stored before my new copy and paste wrong). Due to the fact that the alphanumeric addresses are similar I let the transaction go. Usually I’m extremely careful to do these operations, but for first time I was wrong. These mana are very important for me, I’m a student, I need of it. I know that in the cryptoworld 335 mana are insignificant, aren’t 1M of mana, but for me are very very important. So the only way to recover my mana (as advice from the developers who unfortunately can’t recover my mana) is to ask a grant, a grant to be understood as a help to a guy who was just unlucky during a transaction, I know every transaction must be conducted with care, but I just hope for your understanding, it could happen to everyone.
I can provide a screenshot of my poloniex activity like proof of my error in good faith if is necerssary. My transaction hash is:
Transaction Hash:


and like you can see my transaction started effectively exactly from
Poloniex with destinantion the Mana’s contract. As advice from a dev, I used the value of 335 Mana at market price in usd with an increase of arount 30 dollars to cover a bit any upward movements. In every case if the price will be more low, like I wrote to a dev, I will return an eventual surplus to the DAO itself. I just need to recover my mana and not more. In this moment the price is around 1.07$ for mana (binance) so I will try to ask 358$, not more. I trust in the understanding of the community and I thank those who want to help me.

Feel free to contact me by mail. Thanks for all you can do for me.


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Hi! Voting Yes.
Sending MANA to the contract is an honest mistake that could happen ton anyone. And 358 USD is a relatively small amount to help replacing what has been lost.

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Hello wallet address ending in : 89f9

Thank you for taking the time to write this, I have a couple of questions

  1. Can you provide a screenshot of the transaction?

  2. Have you ever been on Decentraland?
    2B) what is your name on Decentraland?


Hi SinfulMeatStick, yes i can provide a screenshot of my transaction from poloniex, is this:

I am in good faith and if you need further information I remain fully available for any other evidence. For your question 2) and 2B) i’m honest if I answer you that: I haven’t been in decentraland and I can provide you just my discord username, it’s gd300. I’m in the crypto wordl like autodidact (like the 99% of the people in the crypto world), I’m studying step by step all aspects of this world but like you know there are thousand of projects and I try to follow a high road using responsibility as a compass. I’m not inside the crypto world like a full time user, so I’m not completely expert but in same way I’m not completely inexpert and like a lot of people I’m not immune from mistakes. This time my mistake was big in relation to my possibilities, and I was forced to ask the community for help. I was completely sure that I had done my copy and paste correctly from bittrex to poloniex, but it didn’t. Checking the correctness of the contract during a transaction is also a gesture of responsibility, but I was wrong and if the community does not help me I will understand and take my responsibilities. In any case, thank you for participating in the discussion in the forum.
Best regards

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I answered now because when you wrote me here it was night. Very thanks for your reply.

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I voted no because passing this sort of grant request will set a precedent that is irreversible. The grant system will be inundated with requests to bail out mistakes of all sorts. Not just in this situation.


Can I give you another point of view? usually the erc20 standard, offer the opportunity to the devs to resolve this type of problem, but unfortunately Mana don’t have any type of function that can help in this direction. So if a day you will lost some mana like me (and can happen to everyone), there will be not way to ask help. Another point of view is: in the etherscan you can see that in 1786 days of Mana’s life (around 5 years), this happened just 225 times (This because usually an user does correctly the transfer steps) and some transaction with more mana happened just value was low. I understand that the function of the grant request is another and I have completely respect of it, like I respect completely your point of view, but please understand also me for my difficult situation. In every case thanks to partecipate at this discussion. DrGreenthumb I accept your point of view and thank you for your answer here. You are right “You were sending from one exchange to another,how does that have anything to do with the dcl dao.”, for this the mana support advised me on discord to try with a “grant request”. You are right “If i sent eth to the wrong addy should vitalik refund me.”, but like i wrote the erc20 standard offer this opportunity (exclusively when a submission is made to the contract), mana just don’t have a function for this problem. You are right “This is a mistake you made it sucks,always dbl triple check who your sending to. Chalk it up as a learning experiance some of the best lessons are learned the hard way.” but like i wrote can happen to everyone a bad copy and paste. I have never been wrong until today. Asking for help is lawful, just as it is lawful to refuse to help, so I fully respect your opinion. I am trying to appeal in a complete trasparent way to the inclusive spirit of the crypto world. Thaks for every your reply.


Voted no for a few reasons. You were sending from one exchange to another,how does that have anything to do with the dcl dao. If i sent eth to the wrong addy should vitalik refund me.
Also with frank on this setting a precedent that is irreversible. This is a mistake you made it sucks,always dbl triple check who your sending to. Chalk it up as a learning experiance some of the best lessons are learned the hard way.


I’m voting no, because this is not a forum in order to recover losses. There are other avenues to address this loss. This sounds like something that should be investigated and if proven to be accurate, a refund could be issued, but I’m not in favor of providing a quick 10% return on your mistake.


like i wrote… i asked who supported me before to insert this grant request (and put a quantity little more up was an advice, I didn’t do this without asking) … in every case if you consider that i bought my mana when price was 6500 satoshi… this is a TOTAL lost not a fast 10% return… and like i wrote i need just to recover 335 mana not over, also a bit under 335 mana… i’m a man of respect… and i will return the dollar not necessary to the dao

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I ask the community’s help to recover my lost mana for a big mistake!

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 6% 143,757 VP (25 votes)
  • No 94% 1,923,480 VP (33 votes)

If someone want help me to recover my lost mana this is my beneficiary address: