DAO units Hiring Practices

This post aims to address the issue of centralized decision-making and unbalanced hiring practices that can arise within Committees and other DAO units such as the possibility of qualified candidates being rejected during the interview process for open positions due to subjective decisions.


1. Tagging system

Implementing a tagging system for candidates who have been backed, supported or endorsed by the Interviewers may increase transparency in the hiring process.

It could help identify candidates who were supported by the interviewers still allowing all candidates who applied for open call and submitted required info on time to participate and be voted on by the Community. However, there could be concerns that this system may create favoritism toward certain candidates and influence the outcome by pre-configuring voters for a specific result by showing a certain tag.

It is important to ensure that the tagging system is implemented in a fair and transparent manner to avoid any potential conflicts of interest in the decision-making process. It is also important to establish clear guidelines for how the tagging system will work, who can tag candidates, and how the tags will be considered in the overall hiring process.

2. Community Voting

Allowing for additional voting by the community to overrule a decision made by the Interviewers could potentially increase inclusivity and diversity in the hiring process. It may provide an opportunity for candidates who may have been rejected due to subjective decisions by interviewers to receive another chance. This solution also has the potential to create conflicts and disagreements within the community if a significant number of members disagree with the interviewer’s decision.

This can be mitigated by establishing clear guidelines for when and how community members can vote to overrule a decision made by the interviewers.

Final thoughts

By implementing a tagging system, interviewers can endorse and support candidates they believe are well-suited for the open position. Together with an opportunity for the community to vote and potentially overrule decisions made by Interviewers, the hiring process becomes more inclusive and democratic.
This can help ensure that qualified candidates who may have been rejected due to subjective decisions by interviewers still have a chance to be considered by the community.