Pre-Proposal: DAO Hiring process


A proposal to define a process for talent selection and hiring for DAO’s Employees.


A standard recruitment process to fulfill a long term position consists of:

  1. Defining the job opening
  2. Get a pipeline of qualified candidates
  3. Team Lead’s Interview
  4. Team Member’s Interview
  5. References Check
  6. Decision
  7. Job offer & contract
  8. The opening is now closed

This document describes a process to implement a recruitment process in Decentraland’s DAO while trying to maximize transparency, safeguard the private information of candidates and compensate all participants when it is concluded.


A proposal to hire a dapps team to maintain the governance app has passed. This opens up the broader conversation about how a team should be elected and who will participate in this process.

The goal is to define a procedure capable of acquiring talent for our organization in a timely manner while keeping up with high development standards and values of decentralization, transparency, and openness. The selection process of talent is one of the most important ones we can build.

It’s critical to safeguard access to personal data and interviewers’ opinions. Also, it’s important to align the incentives of all participants.


The process involves at least 7 participants:

  • Candidate: a professional who wants to join the organization.
  • Referral: a community member who nominated a Candidate.
  • Team Lead: DCL contributor who will manage the new hire.
  • Team Member: DCL contributor with similar skills of the new hire.
  • Reference Contacts: ex-colleges of the Candidate that provides validation.
  • HR Facilitator: DCL contributor ensuring all candidates have been interviewed.
  • Community Witness: a member of the community who will overview interviews.

This process will rely on the community member’s referrals to build a pipeline of candidates. Referrals are the most effective source to hire talent because the candidates already know about the project and have been pre-screened by a community member.

The organization should encourage community members to refer candidates and compensate them properly if they are finally hired. The “Referrals fee” will be based on the candidate’s annual salary is recommended.

This proposal also creates two new roles: The HR Facilitator and Community Witnesses:

  • The HR Facilitator has the responsibility of assisting in the creation of new job openings (description, compensation, and interview process), overviewing the pipeline of candidates, and coordinating interviews. A monthly salary of 2,000 MANA is recommended for 15hrs/week. HR Facilitator will be community nominated.

  • Community Witnesses are nominated members of the community that can be randomly chosen to attend an interview. They ensure the transparency of the process and are compensated in MANA every time they attend one.

The following sections describe the steps of the hiring process:

Defining the job opening

The HR Facilitator is responsible for defining the job opening and posting it on the DAO for approval. The job opening should include:

  • Job Description
  • Required Skills
  • Compensation
  • List of Interviewers (Team Lead and Team Member)

Get a pipeline of qualified candidates

Once the job opening proposal is approved by the DAO, community members can start referring candidates for the interview process. It’s recommended to give some time to the referral process before tapping other sources, like an HR Agency or Job Boards.

Manager Interview

The Team Lead will interview the Candidate and produce an assessment report. A Community Witness will join this call to ensure transparency and co-sign the report.

Technical Interview

A Team Member will interview the Candidate to evaluate the technical skills and familiarity with current tools and produce an assessment report. A Community Witness will also join this interview and co-sign the report.

References Check

The candidate will provide two contacts of current/old work colleagues to give a reference about their experience together (a manager, a peer, a client, etc.). The Team Lead and a Community Witness will reach out and produce a report about it.


The Team Lead and Team members will review the list of candidates applying for a particular position and rank them based on the result of assessments reports. A Community Witness will join the call to oversight and co-sign the election.

Job offer & contract

The selected candidate will receive an offer letter to join the team. The new member will be paid on a monthly basis. The referral fee will be paid in a six-month vesting contract that can be revoked in the case of a candidate leaving the organization.


  • HR Facilitator: 2,000 MANA per month.
  • Referral’s Fee: 10% of the annual salary.
  • Witnesses are compensated with 50 MANA per interview attended.
  • Interviewers are compensated with 100 MANA per interview attended.
  • Tech salaries are in the range of 50,000 to 100,000 MANA annually.

Data and Transparency

The nominations will be public in the forum. The HR Facilitator will help coordinate interviews and recruit witnesses to join at a specific time. The DAO Facilitator will place the candidates in a public Trello Board to track pipeline progress.

The HR Facilitator will create a private folder in a cloud service (e.g Google Drive) to keep track of assessments reports, contact information, and any other private information shared by the Candidate or References. This information will be accessible by The Team Lead, Team Members, Community Witnesses.

Looking forward to hearing your comments,