[DAO: QmZMWCZ] Should Wearables Including Guns Be Allowed?

by 0xca5b437dbc3c7f441f99c698d4b1fe1aa0599346 (MetaParty)

Should guns attached to wearables be approved ?

MetaParty have already had a wearable approved and published named the Meta Soldier. The wearable includes a detailed black pistol attached to the avatars hand. This wearable was approved within 10 days. We have sold over 200 of theses wearables to the DCL community.

Meta Soldier Wearable (Single Black Pistol)

Recently we have submitted another wearable named the Exo Soldier. This wearable includes two golden pistols with suppressors. After 14 days of the wearable being under review we received a reply from a curator stating that wearables with guns are being discussed, as they may fall under the violent content category.

Exo Soldier Wearable Forum Post (Double Gold Pistols)

Furthermore if guns are now classed as violent content then will all swords be classed as violent content and also need to be changed. I understand the two are different but depending on where you are in the world swords/knifes can be a lot more commonly used in violent crimes then guns.

In addition if weapons are now rejected what will be approved. Is a water pistol or “ray gun” acceptable?

  • Allow Guns In Wearables
  • Reject Guns In Wearables
  • Reject All Weapons In Wearables
  • Invalid question/options

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I will be honest, ive voted no to all weapons just because I see this as a grey area and you will always have tit-for-tat he said, she said on it being something gets approved and something else doesn’t and people will will struggle to class whats allowed and whats rejectable.


Doesn’t that problem already exist with other types of wearables? Seems like full-body replacements for mech suits is okay, but invisibility is not. There will always be a gray area for wearables that ultimately needs interpretation by the wearable committee.

Ultimately, weapons can’t hurt anyone in the Metaverse. If we ban them, there should be a well-defined reason.

thats different, because a lot of stuff that gets declined doesnt hit the criteria and most of them are made into individual items. also personally I see invisibility as one with the right to be declined as it just looks glitchy and might cause issues.

pussy stay at home and dnt give a fuck with us

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Jeez man I agree to a point but no need to get all vulgar

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And you wonder why your stuff gets denied? :joy:

whats the point of decentralization, with basic censorship?

Guns should be allowed, or any weapons. The metaverse is a fantasy and that fantasy world you should be able to build your character up to look exactly who you want it to look like

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again, you see why your stuff gets denied. I don’t think with your mindset you should play dcl. gl with your stuff and you can be toxic as much as you like, I don’t make the rules.

so now you will also decide what game I can play. you the best love you
move on with that

As much as I dislike wearables that include guns (and similar) I’ll vote to allow any weapons.

Trying to classify what weapon should be allowed would be a nightmare. And often weapons are used as storytelling tools even for kid’s shows and movies.

This is decentraland. Weapons and PVP must be allowed

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Exactly. Story telling tools look at Excalibur

I would agree with you Panduhking. Yeah, I enjoy playing violent games like CSGO ,Call of Duty and Battlefield but the past few months of playing DCL, I get a WAGMI chill vibe. I understand that a wearable is just a wearable but at the end of the day, DCL is focused and designed for everyone and guns/weapons are an iffy topic in some countries.

Even though I know this is pushy topic and I am going to get some looks directed at me, I am standing up with you!

I am sorry for those who are now seeing me differently :cry:


I VOTE TO ALLOW guns that’s like saying lets ban guns on Call Of Duty – And what’s the point?

Right who moved Bidens gun ban into the metaverse???

Why feel bad, its a DAO and you’re entitled your say. I said no because then people have a clear line whats not accepted. someone can’t go make a pistol and get denied but an RPG gets accepted. its more in the likes of fairness, and at the end of the day if you wan’t weapons go play fortnite :stuck_out_tongue:

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In this content it is a fashion marker! The wearable looks good and is nothing else than an axe in the wondermine, too! But we are not making anything with them. It´s just for fashion. So for me, it is totally alright to use wearables with guns. So we have guns then, but we don´t shoot with them! We are here for fun, and not for violent interactions! :slight_smile:

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I think the wearable is supernice! Guns are part of the gamer community since ever. We all are here for fun and not to push any violent content. We also already have shooter games p2e in decentraland.

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Should Wearables Including Guns Be Allowed?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Allow guns in wearables 4% 21,193 VP (16 votes)
  • Reject guns in wearables 0% 0 VP (1 votes)
  • Reject all weapons in wearables 10% 50,763 VP (4 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 0% 0 VP (0 votes)