[DAO: QmbquFC] Should Wearables Including Guns Be Allowed?

by 0xca5b437dbc3c7f441f99c698d4b1fe1aa0599346 (MetaParty)

Should Guns/Knifes attached to wearables be accepted. Guns and knifes are very common in some of the most popular games of all time such as GTA, Call Of Duty, Battlefield and many more. Guns can add possible nostalgia to games. For example creating a golden gun brings back memories of grinding on Cod for a cold camo.

Yes there are people who have experienced trauma from guns. But due to their popularity in video games they are detached from the trauma they have caused. This does not mean that we forget tragedy’s that have occurred around the world but instead it means that we associate guns with video games.

MetaParty have already had a wearable approved and published named the Meta Soldier. The wearable includes a detailed black pistol attached to the avatars hand. This wearable was approved within 10 days. We have sold over 200 of theses wearables to the DCL community.

Meta Soldier Wearable (Single Black Pistol)

Recently we have submitted another wearable named the Exo Soldier. This wearable includes two golden pistols with suppressors (inspired by Call Of Duty). After 14 days of the wearable being under review we received a reply from a curator stating that wearables with guns are being discussed, as they may fall under the violent content category.

Exo Soldier Wearable Forum Post (Double Gold Pistols)

Furthermore if guns are now classed as violent content then will all knifes be classed as violent content and also need to be changed. I understand the two are different but depending on where you are in the world swords/knifes can be a lot more commonly used in violent crimes then guns.

  • Accept Guns In Wearables
  • Reject Guns in Wearables
  • Accept Knifes and Guns In Wearables
  • Reject Knifes and Guns In Wearables
  • Invalid question/options

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As an American, I feel that the 2nd amendment should apply to the Metaverse!
Keep gun wearables in the game!


I think would be nice if these weapon follow a fantasy theme ,but i hope you can get your collection approved without making a lot of changes!


I support the freedom of creativity in a decentralized metaverse. Welding a gun or a knife or sword isn’t an act of violence or against the terms and conditions policy of DCL.


To try ban this is type wearable is fn stupid. Play to earn fps or some type game could come later. Some triple A title or or a big nft project where characters carry arms that can have a big pump for dcl. Lets ban them tho so offensive. The meta data that character is wearing scares me so much. ( sarcasm) The stuff that this dao purposes and people purpose some times is so idiotic and really disenchants people who have money to do things in this platform. Same way as people who want to ban names that have multicultural meanings where in one country it means one thing but another its totally different. Do you all even defi ? If bugs you buy a parcel put up a collider and people with said wearables wont be able enter wearing it.


i think it deserves to be out
why ban now when u approved it
i think it should be out


GUNS AND KNIVES should be allowed and approved as they already have been.


The fact of the matter is that guns and knives and tools of protection are apart of society. At this point there’s barely any video games that don’t have weapons and, although it’s not a video game, Decentraland is no exception (there’s already shooter p2e games in DCL). Where these two platforms differ is the ability for users to choose their experience i.e not participate or purchase weapon wearables from the Decentraland marketplace. We should strive to keep this space open and decentralized, without allowing fear or our personal preferences interfere.


An alternative measure, which someone mentioned was to create a scene/user rating tag system, disabling the rendering of guns/knives, so scenes can maintain their content ratings, ‘U’, ‘PG’, ‘12’, ‘16’, '18 etc…


we have to accept GUNS AND KNIFES !!
if you are too shocked to see this in a game, seriously don’t turn on the internet


Is Decentraland supposed to be a non-censored extension of the real world… or are we going to make this a kids game? Even Roblox has guns… and they are actually shooting each other… These wearables have no animation so i am very confused on why we are acting like people are fearing for their lives by seeing a gun in this world… There will be multiple worlds in the Metaverse if Decentraland is going to continue to put restrictions on creators and not allow creators to have creative control, these creators will take their talents elsewhere…

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Aye, this discussion is taking people’s experiences into account, there is always a solution. See ‘tag’ based idea above. Probably worthy of a re-written proposal tbh!

@Malloy, Are you saying DCL foundation developers need to build a content rating system similar to how they have it for profanity? If that is the case, I assume there will be an option in builder to categorize the item rating when we upload the wearable… If i hear you right this sounds like it might take a minute to get done on the trello list which im sure the DCL developers are hyper-focus on infrastructure issues so decentraland can handle the next wave of people coming online. As you know there are a lot of upcoming metaverses coming online in the next year and they will be “decentralized” this is a foot race and I think DCL has the best chance to be in the top 5 if we all work together and not get bogged down with personal issues or feelings.

I think guns in this context should be approved… The wearable creator has put in so much effort and people have already given positive feedback. At the end of the day this gun is in game and can not harm anyone its a form of self expression even if the user lives in a country without guns the intention when creating this was not to cause harm or a disturbance in the community. In addition, the metaverse community is getting larger every day, so there will be lots of sub communities with different interests requesting wearables to be created which align with their interests.

You have to vote twice, since the author of the 2nd topic is frustrated that this one is “approved” he has created another one.

I think the wearable is supernice! Guns are part of the gamer community since ever. We all are here for fun and not to push any violent content. We also already have shooter games p2e in decentraland.

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Guns are part of the society. They exist in real life, and they are also part of videogames. But in this content it is also a fashion marker! The wearable looks good and is nothing else than an axe in the wondermine, too! So for me, it is totally alright to use wearables with guns. So we have guns then, but we don´t shoot with them! We are here for fun, and not for violent interactions! :slight_smile:

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i keep thinking about why guns are not good
but i cant find any reason why we shouldnt have them
i think guns are ok and need to be in dcl as well
my self i was thinking to make a rocket launcher
whats wrong with blowing up places ey?

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Should Wearables Including Guns Be Allowed?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Accept guns in wearables 1% 5,979 VP (4 votes)
  • Reject guns in wearables 1% 10 VP (1 votes)
  • Accept knifes and guns in wearables 12% 61,372 VP (41 votes)
  • Reject knifes and guns in wearables 9% 48,925 VP (6 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 14% 74,184 VP (7 votes)

absolutely, its not like they can be used to harm people. some people just like to collect things. it does not promote violence. You have violence being promoted everywhere else, in dcl people are not violent. guns do not kill or harm people. people do that.

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