[DAO: QmYjzpz] Expansion of the Wilderness P2E Game

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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Wilderness Play 2 Earn is a Free-to-Play MMO-RPG set in Decentraland. It is currently one of the most visited scenes in Decentraland at all times of the day, ranking in top 10 scenes more often than not.

It started as a 1 man project with the help of Decentraland DAO approving a grant of 3000$ to fund the initial idea, and has grown into one of the most ambitious projects in Decentraland with a strong community and fast pace of development.

We are now starting to expand our team and hitting the accelerator as we work towards achieving a Product Market Fit and building the foundations for a decentralized organization that can survive for years to come.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Website: https://www.wildernessp2e.com

Whitepaper : https://www.wildernessp2e.com/whitepaper

Discord: DCL Wilderness 🧙 - P2E Combat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wildernessp2e

Wilderness NFTs: Wilderness NFTs Value - Google Sheets

Current Ecosystem:

Wilderness started as an MMORPG which provides a fun gaming experience while incentivizing players with earning opportunities. Wilderness creates a vibrant economy for its players with 0 Price for Participation [Free to Play] by earnestly distributing the value created in the game back to its players.

Starting with an immersive Magic Combat experience, Wilderness players enter a fantasy world to explore mythical creatures in a fantasy world, discover new tactics everyday and build the best strategies with and against other players.

Here are some of the highlights of what we have developed so far:

  • 7 NPCs you can fight to earn Wilderness Coins. Each of these have a different attacking style, skills and give different rewards.
  • 5 Spells like Lava Rage to throw a fireball at the opponent or Ice Cold to freeze the opponent.
  • XP and Leveling system to enable long term players to get the maximum earning potential and social clout
  • Beginner and Daily Quests to give the players a smaller goal with rewards
  • A Referral System where anyone can refer a new player to help both of them earn extra coins.
  • POAPs for key achievements in the game.
  • A Clan System where Clan Masters can delegate Clan Membership to other players and earn a passive income. Clan Members get benefits in the form of exclusive team gameplay.
  • An Event everyday, and sometimes more! From daily PvP competitions to weekly extra coin Saturday, double XP Sunday, and an upcoming Magic Themed party.


  • Strong and Active Community of 850+ on Discord, 1400+ on Twitter
  • 25,000+ Unique Visitors in just 4 months
  • 2500+ Unique Players have earned a Wilderness NFT [many of them earned their first NFT ever]
  • Active Presence on Twitch with Neyyyhhaa, co-founder of Wilderness, streaming regularly with an average viewership of 35+
  • $6000+ in secondary market sales creating an estimated market Cap of $40,000+ for Wilderness NFTs . We are proud to enable so many players to earn money for doing things they love.
  • The Week [One of India’s most reputed Magazines] wrote an article about us : The promise and potential of play-to-earn games, with Wilderness P2E - The Week


We are continuously trying to push the limits of what can be done with Decentraland SDK from a technical standpoint, but there are certain limitations we can’t overcome at this point which lead to a not so ideal gameplay experience when you compare it to games outside of Decentraland.
We plan to combat this by continuously working with the Decentraland Foundation by providing feedback regularly and making commits in the Decentraland code.

How does this help the DCL community?

  • Improved experience for new users who are looking for P2E games.
  • User growth because of new users who specifically join Decentraland to play Wilderness P2E
  • Community Modules to help the entire DCL developers community
  • New Earning Opportunities for all of DCL users. Our players have already earned $6,000+ [~ 50% of that being last month].
  • Educational Content for Decentraland : We need to educate users about Decentraland to educate them about Wilderness.


Budget Breakdown

Tech Stack

Solidity [Polygon Chain Smart Contracts], TypeScript [DCL SDK and Custom Built NodeJS Server], Blender 3D [3D Designs and Animation], Canva and Adobe Photoshop [2D Designs]

Revenue and Sustainability

As detailed in the Wilderness Whitepaper, the tokenization of Wilderness Coin [will be achieved before the deadline for this proposal] will allow for a consistent revenue stream for the game without making it a “Pay to Win” game, which has been one of our guiding principles right from the start.
The Wilderness Treasury will receive 5% of all primary sales of Play 2 Earn Rewards in Wilderness [These Wearables/NFTs are never sold outside of the game by the team and can only be obtained for Wilderness Coins]. The Wilderness Treasury will also receive 2.5% of all secondary sales of Wilderness NFTs across all marketplaces [DCL, Opensea, Wilderness Marketplace]

We have been growing at a growth rate of 8% W-o-W over the last couple of months. As we improve this number and continue to grow Week over Week, we target to grow our Playerbase by a factor of 10x in the next 6 months.

Assuming that the value of Wilderness NFTs grows linearly (n) with player growth and the Secondary market trading volume grows quadratically (n^2) with player growth, we will be able to generate $20,000+ in revenue from primary sales [5% commission] and $10,000+ in revenue from secondary sales, allowing us to be sustainable by optimizing our expenses by ~ 20%.

Plan B : If the goals we have set are not achieved, we will heavily cut down on our operating expenses. We also have the community support to be able to raise money by sale of DAO tokens, and the ability to raise funds from VCs/Angel Investors considering our background and strong execution.

Plan B is Plan B for a reason however. Decentralizing before achieving a strong Product Market fit can lead to slower pace of development and getting capital from VCs/Angels comes with its own set of problems [giving control away to a third party that is only interested in making money]


Ryan - Founder & CEO/CTO

Neha - Co-Founder & COO

Saranya - Part Time designer

25+ Partners and community Moderators.
Find a full list at : Wilderness : Play 2 Earn

Our team has a proven track record in Decentraland. We started building in December last year with a $3,000 grant from the DAO for development of the prototype of this game. Many critics said that it is too ambitious and simply can’t be achieved in 1 month. Yet, Wilderness Play 2 Earn was created and has now grown into a much larger project than anyone could have imagined back then.

Roadmap and milestones

May - Jul 2022

  • Release of Wilderness Coin on blockchain [before 1st May] and listing [Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, etc]
  • A dedicated Marketplace for Wilderness NFTs with extra features specific to Wilderness Ecosystem.
  • Monthly Magic Parties
  • Releasing 15+ New Wearable NFTs as P2E rewards.
  • Moving Wilderness P2E to a larger land [20 Parcels]
  • Redesign of the Scene on a Fantasy Theme
  • Reducing Lag by optimizing server & scene codebase.
  • Improving the new user experience - in-game tutorial.
  • Adding optional Rules and NFT Betting in 1v1 combat mode.
  • Improving the Clan Management and Delegation System [Open-to-all Clans, Custom Commission, Name/Logo Personalization].

Aug - Oct 2022

  • Adding new functionalities on the Wilderness P2E Website [Player Exploration, Highscores, Transaction Transparency, Clan Management]
  • Releasing 15+ New Wearable NFTs as P2E rewards during this period.
  • New Community Modules for SDK development [UI Module, Sprites/Animation Module, etc]
  • Monthly Magic Parties
  • New features for Decentraland [starting with a Level 2 naming system] [Integrate subdomain names into the Avatar Naming System.]
  • AI NPCs - to help players around and just talk to them when they are bored.
  • Expansion of gameplay in form of new minigames [NPC waves, Area Capture, etc]
  • Clan v Clan Battles with daily coverage on Twitch.
  • 15+ High quality Youtube Videos/Detailed Articles to educate new Users [of Wilderness and DCL].

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Love it, can’t wait to see what you are able to achieve with such a grant! Community modules are a great addition as you’re among the best SDK devs in Decentraland :muscle:

Wilderness is The Best! :+1:

Wilderness fundamentals vaguely remind me of runescape. Can’t wait to see how smart wearables of weapons and spells can change the gameplay.

Thank you @Azzzam @ile and @dax for showing the support and the kind word.
I wanted to share an update to the budgeting after receiving some feedback from more people:

  1. We will not be using the grant money to fund the Land rental. Instead, we are doing some collabs/sponsorship deals to cover that expense and have already progress in this aspect.
  2. The Budget sheet has been updated to reflect this change with the money initially proposed to be spent on Land rental reallocated towards Community Grants and Misc. Expenses.

very cool stuff! nice proposal and budget too.

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Can’t wait to see it in action! Love the concept and the proposal overall :ok_hand::fire:

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Expansion of the Wilderness P2E Game

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 8,158,827 VP (143 votes)
  • No 1% 100 VP (2 votes)

A 100% YES For The Wilderness. Great P2E Concept And More For the coming future. thanks for getting the MMORPG version to DCl.

Expansion of the Wilderness P2E Game

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