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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Well - ive corrected the bug in windows 11 that was making it difficult for many pc users to use xbox one/x controllers on their PC- giving you the ability to operate your PC with the controller independently, without the aid of a KB or mouse , every bit as efficientl y as you would on a xbox or playstation- on windows, system wide. I then moved on to remap for play in Decentraland- the result was a lot better than i had really thought possible.Its given me the ability to play in the metaverse just as i would in any other 1st person exploration game. Ive also provided a remapper easy enough to use that it wont require explination. Xbox is 100% finished, Im now looking to include playstation- to draw more to controloer heavy. users.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



I believe giving control dominate players the option to use the devices they are accustom to would have an immediate impact on new player accusition . Providing the community the ability to participate in the style of gameplay they are most comfortable will eliminate one of the biggest reasons ive personally heard, not being forced to use a keyboard and mouse- thus shortening a learning curve, will shift a potential players midset from “ahhh- i dont want to go through all of that right now…” as they then move on to continue playing COD. To viewing it as, “its right there-, ill give it a shot, why not”… and anyone thats had xbox live understands the mental process im speaking of. I personally believe providing this to users would result in more users opting to try Decentraland than just about any other ad campaign- im almost certain of that. Plus considering I have it more than half finished, (i can provide gameplay samples if youd like) Could be implemented within a few weeks at most. thanks for the support from those of you i have already spoken with, im anxious to see how the rest of you feel about it- i look forward to it. - thanks.


i have everything available upon request, being as im not accredited, i probably dont have the exact terminology and technical documentation, the result of my work will speak for its self- its performing without any flaw, no bugs, lol no copyright violations- i assure you its in good standing . i have practical use and gameplay videos to confirm my claims.


ha im just a single dad to three kids, my 3rd was just flown to pit hospital on the 27th because she had polycythemia, no worries shes good now. 38,600$ for a 40 minute helicopter ride if youre curious, its a joke- im just still releasing stress and im seriously just happy shes here with us now. what made me mention this- is the whole reason i even began this project, and that was- my 4 year old ella, always wants to be included no matter what it is im actively doing. well i started playing Decentraland , and she kept asking to try and of course im going to little things like this make her so happy, but she would trash everything- and i mean everything… 9/10 time just totally exiting out of where i was, i think she might have bought an nft… but ultimately i decided something had to be done, so i just dedicated my free time to finding a more enjoyable experience for her (me) so thats how i got here- ive been coding and modding ,designing you name it, ever since i was a kid, im one of the late 90s early 00s pro opensource ,stick it to the man teen hackers, lol- then i had to work for him, im sure the story is all too familiar…but yeah, its just me on this project an thats all i forsee moving forward- what ive completed thus far is working than better i could have hoped for… every action can be remapped in the manner you wish. just need to finish and release it.

Roadmap and milestones

I have more than 60 % finished, it wont take me more than a few weeks 3 is the absolute Max, ( and thats an excessive estimation -just to give myself room incase something crazy and unexpected happens)- the hardest part was locating and patching the bug in windows. From here i just plan to include playstation dual shock, make it compatible, test it- test it more, zip it up, then release it and eliminate excacuses, lol.

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I voted yes. I just hope you can remember to always emphasize the fact that User-Censorship-Controls (NSFW filters) are NOT implicated yet.

Hi! Could you provide more information on the software? What bug did you fix, on what system?


what would you like to know? ha sorry its a broad question, and im not very bright… windows11 in general has a bug that everyone is having a hard time with, its not allowing people to use xbox controllers on their pc…what i found the problem to be is that windows was unable to even recognize the controllers signal and then when you finally were able to get past that- it was useless… nothing worked…and they have yet to correct it (as far as i know, and based the information i was able to gather- ive informed them of the fix but they havent responded- as far as remapping- theres nothing incredible about the software =, just basic remapping software ive just simplified it so that you could figure it out simply by looking at the program, and select the action cross referencing your keyboard… like youll see the layout of the keyboard- say you click “space” the controller pad will pop up and you select where you want that specific action to occur on the controller which for me was “A” … and then you move onto the next action… and forgive me, BUT WHO IS THIS GODLY VOTER WITH THE VOTING POWER OF 100 MEN! and what do you have against me- lol, im kidding, but seriously tho whod you reach god status in voting on governance, im honored to have been smitten. haha thats crazy, and awesome- my way or not.

customer accusistion

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • No 73% 738,740 VP (4 votes)