[DAO: QmYaNch] Decentraland should own historic NFTs like CryptoPunks

by 0x95451954fcc80a6b3de8abd79902e0e4fb9ca4bd (Baahubali)

Being one of the early and best NFT projects, Decentraland should own historic NFTs like CryptoPunks.

Some advantages of buying such NFTs.

  1. Tourist Hub: Showcasing historic NFTs in Decentraland will increase visitors and can help Decentraland in becoming a virtual tourist hub.

  2. Diversification of DAO funds: CryptoPunks NFTs value is steadily rising and as liquid as cryptocurrencies. So investing in such assets increases the DAO fund stability. It is equivalent to buying GOLD.

  3. Free Advertising: Since VISA acquired one of the CryptoPunks there is a lot of attention towards NFTs especially CryptoPunks. This could help in grabbing more media attention and private investor which would accelerate the growth of Decentraland.

  4. It is inevitable that metaverses(or private investors inside metaverse) start buying these NFTs to showcase them for their visitors. It is better to be first than play catchup in acquiring these assets.

Some recent news and resources

  1. VISA company buying CryptoPunks: Visa Takes First Step Into NFTs With CryptoPunk Purchase for Almost $150K - YouTube
  2. Recent transactions: https://opensea.io/activity/cryptopunks

Note: I recently created this post and deleted it since I was not able to add more information to the existing one.

  • Yes - Decentraland should buy CryptoPunks
  • No - Not worth it
  • Interesting - Should explore the option
  • Don’t know about CryptoPunks - Need more information

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