[DAO: QmXFamn] Hackathon for 3D designers and developers to build objects and scenes for DCL

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


This is the first online hackathon for Russian-speaking auditory which is dedicated to the development of content for DCL.
The hackathon aims to stimulate professionals to create content for DCL, to get 3D designers and developers to know the DCL, and to promote DCL in the media.

We are inviting designers and developers who in three days will build objects and scenes in DCL that will be presented at Maff Art Fest on the 11th of December in DCL.

We will create an art park that will feature the artworks which will be done during the hackathon by participants. We are inspired by the Burningman idea
For many participants, this is the only opportunity to show to the public their creations in the DCL.

Grant size

30,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Now we found ourselves in a situation when there is a big interest for metaverses, particularly in DCL, but not enough information for creators (guides, practical seminars, courses, and experts).

We have a few brands who would like to build their representative offices in DCL but there is a lack of professionals who can realize the project.
The hackathon could help the community to attract more professionals who will start to work with DCL and as the result to bring more interesting content

We’re creating a community Maff Metaverse which aims to promote metaverses and bring together designers, developers, and experts. Maff Metaverse — we colonize metaverses

We have already attracted more than 100 participants in Hackathon (3D designers and developers) however as we do everything by ourselves there is no valuable money prize so many of the participants who can bring interesting content to DCL are hesitating to participate in Hackathon


Obtaining the grant will help us to establish the valuable money prize and attack more professionals to participate in Hackathon. As well as to make a more powerful PR move in the media promoting hackathon and art fest as the first case for Russian speaking auditory therefore promoting DCL as the most developed metaverse to interact with.

10 000 USD - prize fund for participants of the hackathon
12 000 USD - PR and marketing of hackathon and Metaverse Art Fest
8 000 USD - creation of educational courses (for developers and designers of Decentraland), media content about Decentraland on maff.io and other medias, organization of meet ups to popularise Decentraland, participation in the conferences as speakers, etc


Maff Team (project manager, coordinator)
A marketing agency who promote the event in


Max Fabrique

Roadmap and milestones

What have been already done:

  1. We have already gathered 120 participants (3D designers and developers), who are interested to participate in the Hackathon on 26-29 of November
    Telegram: Contact @metaverse_hackaton

  2. Created a free course “Metaverses and How to build objects for DCL for beginners which we promote among the participants to prepare themselves for the hackathon.
    Курс Метавселенные

  3. Wrote various articles and videos about metaverses on maff.io which has a monthly audience of 50,000 people.
    Метавселенные - Maff — медиа из будущего

  4. Milestones:
    26-29 November - Hackaton (this date could be moved)
    11 December - Art Fest in DCL
    Jan 2022 - to make 2 courses for designers and developers DCL
    Jan - Jun 2022 - to speak on 10 conferences and make 10 meet ups

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We support these guys, they promote the metaverses in RU, especially Decentraland.
The hackathon is a nice opportunity to attract more specialists to develop content for Decentraland.

If it does not contradict any grant rules, we would be glad if this vote passed.

Hackathon for 3D designers and developers to build objects and scenes for DCL

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