[DAO: QmWR1rA] Add a 'insufficient VP' outcome for proposals

by 0x128dccf449d95b4c23decc98ecc1bc2126c99e19 (Rphad#9e19)

I recently made a grant proposal (1) that was rejected due to having less that 1 million VP in favor of it (2), while still having 80% of ‘yes’. I understand that this is how the DAO is setup and questioning it is not my goal here. It just feels weird/inappropriate to be in a ‘rejected’ category, the same as some off-topic or bad proposals, when the outcome is 80-20.

By adding an ‘insufficient VP’ category, it would be easier to distinguish such proposals from truly rejected ones. This would in turn ease the resubmitting process because I think allowing users that did not have enough VP to resubmit is ok whereas having a 95% ‘no’ proposal resubmitted is not relevant. We could then have something like ‘this proposal is a resubmission of that other proposal’.


1 : My dashboard proposal

2 : Minimum acceptance thresholds

  • Yes
  • No

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I think you are correct that an “insufficient VP” category would be beneficial and would allow for a resubmission at a later time. They should have this.