Thoughts on Proposals resubmission

This week I’ve submitted a pre-proposal poll on the Governance dApp: Should the legacy POI list be deleted? and didn’t meet the VP Threshold. There were some comments and 16 people voted on it but it just wasn’t enough.

After the poll ended I started to think about the next steps, I still believe this is something important and useful so I want to keep pushing for this idea. Nothing formally stops me from republishing again but I felt that wasn’t right. It would be spammy and pushy.
I feel we need some kind of mechanism for situations like this and on the new 3-Stage Governance Framework that is not defined.

My initial thoughts are:

  • Tiers for resubmission times. A proposal that needs 500K VP is not the same as a proposal that needs 8M VP. i.e. A pre-proposal poll needs to wait 14 days but a $240k grant needs to wait 2 months.

  • The proposal author can resubmit a new proposal from the original one (In the original one will be displayed how much time they must wait for republishing it). A new snapshot proposal will be created and the votes will have to be made again.

  • The resubmitted proposal will reference the original one on the UI of the Governance dApp

  • There is a max # of times you can resubmit a proposal (It might be also based on Tiers)

  • This seems pretty straightforward from my PoV with Rejected proposals (Also, I don’t like that concept for Proposals that didn’t meet the threshold) Should we take into consideration proposals that were voted against?

I’ve been doing some research and this has already appeared on at least one topic: Process for grant proposal resubmission

What do you folks think about all this?