[DAO: QmW1Ua2] TJ Saucier's Rap World

by 0x846fc2e54474805bb8bf06a39830fbbb1811c17d (TJsaucier)

Should the following Tier 3: up to a 3 month vesting contract of $3000 - $5000 USD in MANA, with a one month cliff grant in the Community category be approved?


This Proposal is going to be for the creation of TJ Saucier’s Rap World . I have Been making hip-hop music for over 10 years now , to see the growth in decentraland and the possibilities it is paramount to have a staple spot in the community for artists like myself . I would be Hosting Freestyle Fridays and giving artists the opportunity to showcase what they got , along with my self and whoever else would like to join. Want to make this dream come true and with everyones help i know that we can achieve this . TJ Saucier’s Rap World is a must we can trust that this will elevate the community and the music seen in decentraland

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



TJ Sauciers Rap World will be an incredible journey into the music realm of hip-hip , we will provide freestyle friday events and much more. A gallery where musicians can showcase there art and merch and can also come to hang and have a good time. We will have Collaborations and just bring the whole hip-hop scene together in ways that has not been done. Live stream freestyle events and anyone who really wants to hop in can ! This will be the first steps into creating this dream. If there is anything that needs to be done in decentraland i would say a place like this fits in well. To bring artists together like this and to create would just be an honor, a pleasure , and i feel it is my duty !


I Have a partner who is an experienced builder and plan to get the build done through blender . Plan to use funds to get land parcel and from there will go to the build. Next i will be setting up webcame and foundation to have streaming ready to go . After all is done we will be live and get things going to have the first but not last freestyle friday! .


Have builder and me TJsaucier and plan to build more and more this is only the beginning and we have a coder to get things ready to go . If needed you can discord me for more information TJsaucier#2357 , I will be happy to let you know anything and everything you have questions about.

Roadmap and milestones

With the fundage we can have this project complete in about a months time . Most time is going into the build of TJ Sauciers Rap World and want to give the builder time . Also will need to have a coder involved and will take some time to have everything ready to go . Once it is , FREESTYLE FRIDAY will live on forever . Lets make it happen yall.

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I cannot support proposals that allocate public funds to private purchases of land. There is plenty of land available with landowners who will give operator rights at no cost. Second to that there is plenty of land available for leases.

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I agree with Morris, the purchase of LAND is not necessary or feasible in this grant (and would more than exhaust the grant funds immediately), there are many people who are easily accessible within the community who will host the Rap World. This grant should be edited or updated and re-proposed later :slight_smile:

Another alternative would be to write a separate grant for the DAO to purchase the LAND necessary and then rent it out to the scene for use. But we don’t have the gov infrastructure for that kind of program currently (until someone makes it!).

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