[DAO: QmVN9WS] Pacific Cliffs Foundation Campaign to #SavetheCliffHouse with Community run DAO

by 0xfc8084cf7e0f916f114f9bdd8a86ba2427efe976 (Tazor#e976)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Pacific Cliffs Foundation Campaign to #SavetheCliffHouse with Community run DAO is planning on not only restoring an historic restaurant to its glory, but a multi faceted entrepreneurial concept that showcases the abundance of California and the Bay Area culinary, tech and art scenes. The concept will accentuate people and culture past present and future, linking the Decentraland metaverse to the tangible world in an iconic space.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address



The former ‘Cliff House’ now more officially, Lands End Properties (LEP), are for up for lease proposal. The Pacific Cliffs Foundation (PCF) is a community run DAO aimed at winning the bid to lease the Lands End properties. We are seeking a grant from the Decentraland DAO of $60,000 in order to secure our proposal and set the pieces in motion to make not only our campaign, but the eventual operation a success.

We have a proposal in place and have lofty plans concocted by local hospitality industry veterans, design professionals, world class construction firms, artists and local families to transform these epic properties into flourishing establishments for locals and tourists. However, we need to garner the attention of the public in order to generate momentum. Securing a Decentraland DAO grant will catapult our capabilities to let us build out or vision and raise a public eyebrow to show that we are serious!

Here’s how it works. The LEP properties will essentially be linked with Decentraland as a major on boarding hub “in real life” for Web3 and Decentraland. Integrating Web3 technology and Decentraland to a tangible space in the real world creates an amazing opprotunity to show what is possible IRL and in the Metaverse. More specifically, the event space on site will be a Decentraland Metaverse space to bring the Lands End properties and events to everyone around the world, and vice versa.

Host an event on site at the LEP or in Decentraland and it will mirror that event. For example if I am hosting an educational seminar about how NFTs can revolutionize the publishing industry in the actual event space, it will be broadcast to the corresponding location in Decentraland.


Upon receipt of the grant $Mana we will begin a course of action to accelerate our campaign.

  1. Create a ferocious marketing campaign announcing our partnership with Decentraland that highlights key aspects of the project like showcasing the power of a DAO, having a tangible and beautiful space that embraces the past and sees the future, while creating the link between real world and onboarding people to experience Decentraland.
  2. Showcase the beauty of the property and potential the DAO can have while showcasing the link to Decentraland and how it can be beneficial to the people.
  3. Buy a land in Decentraland.
  4. Establish an office in SF where we can hire engineers, creatives and anyone needed to outline and develop our land to be modeled after the original Cliff House, establish our DAO and outline a plan for what to do once we obtain the lease.
  5. Create an NFT project using local artist and engineers where minting sales and secondary sales all go to the DAO treasury. NFT project will be hosted and minted through the Land we develop in Decentraland.
  6. Further development of Decentraland Metaverse Cliff House including adding as a point of interest, establishing meeting spaces, giving virtual tours that can link to real time cameras, and creating NFTs of any historical photographs or relics and other fun ideas to generate a buzz, raise money and awareness.


My name is Trent Simpson and currently, this a project that I have been working on solo, but that is exactly why I am writing this grant! The grant money will infuse this project with the ability to hire talented people to build the Cliff House in Decentraland while giving us that validity to move forward with the actual space.

I have an extensive background in hospitality and luxury goods sales and marketing on a global scale. I have seen thousands of incredible restaurants and event spaces around the world, and I truly believe the LEP is one of the most beautiful establishments. I have set out on a quest to launch a campaign #SavetheCliffHouse via a DAO and showcase the power of community and prove that tangible applications of a DAO can be successful! I was the treasurer for the SF chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild and am a very passionate student of Web3, NFTs, brand marketing and a good martini overlooking the ocean.

I have started a Twitter and a Medium for the Pacific Cliffs Foundation DAO campaign to #SavetheCliffHouse


Roadmap and milestones

-Generate media buzz about #SavetheCliffHouse campaign and DAO getting funding from Decentraland grant
-Create multisig wallet for DAO funds and establish DAO structure
-Buy Decentraland Land and hire developers to make the land modeled after the original Cliff House
-On site offices creating link to physical property and Decentraland
-Integrate event space room to be high tech and operate seamlessly with Decentraland

-Obtain Cliff House Lease
-Sell out NFT collection using our Decentraland land/space as a gallery and minting site
-Host first event in Decentraland and at LEP Event Space
-Pacific Cliffs Foundation DAO has large enough treasury to secure financial future of our lease and operation expenses for long-term

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Thanks for submitting a creative idea like this to the DAO! A little feedback:

  1. Before submitting to the DAO utilize the Forum.Decentraland.org website to source feedback from the community prior to submitting your official proposal; you will find better results!

  2. It’s not advised to request grant money for land as it may reduce your chances of getting approved. It is better to already have land, or accessed land via renting/borrows from a friend (Free operator access to deploy to land) and started creating rather than requesting money for land to get started.

Best of luck!

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Super projet. Je suis sur téléphone Android, y aura t il des mise à jour et jeux pour mobile sur play store ? Merci beaucoup.

Thanks for the insight, I’ll take this advice into account, rework this and be more active on the forum!

Pacific Cliffs Foundation Campaign to #SavetheCliffHouse with Community run DAO

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 467 VP (11 votes)
  • No 99% 2,351,618 VP (27 votes)