[DAO:643a962] [BID-0009] Coding Cave

by 0xa31f1f0d6bbd919bb3adab8da5835ed13e21f32a (meta#f32a)

Should funds from the DAO Treasury be allocated to finance a new community-led project addressing issues outlined herein?

Linked Tender Proposal

SDK Support Team


30,000 USD

Project duration

6 months

Delivery Date

Sep 30, 2024

Beneficiary address


Email address



The project cover the entire migration from SDK 6 to 7 of the scenes descrived in the following document: https://www.notion.so/decentraland/6dad0e8d48fd42c69db0520f9a5f0a7a
as well with the creation of a support team composed of 2 members that will be reachable on Discord 6 hs a day with the porpose of giving fast assistance to developers. These individuals are located in Argentina and Spain, which will allow us to cover a broader spectrum of hours in case further assistance is needed.

Roadmap and milestones

The plan for the scene migration is based on a performance metric practice. We will be presenting 12 migrated scenes per month to review and ensure they meet the appropriate quality standards.
We will be setting a Discord channel in order to provide the community with clear comunication about the progress.
Every batch of completed scenes will be notified monthly to the community, allowing them to provide feedback.

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You say:

“Software developer with a two-year tenure at Metaverse Architects. Throughout my time there, I’ve led groundbreaking projects for brands like Forever 21, Roobet Casino, KB Homes, Mindeasy, and more. Now, alongside Giorgio, I’ve founded my own studio, Coding Cave.”


The Mindeasy grant that built for $60,000.00 for a mental health center… where is that? Weren’t there problems with that being functional? And Metaverse Architects self-voted with their client-delegated VP to receive grants and POI’s, I do not believe it is ethical to award more money to a team who would abuse the DAO like that. If you see it differently, please feel free to share your thoughts here.

Hello Canessa, nice meeting you. Yes, I definitely see it differently. As far as I am aware, everything done for MindEasy was deployed to a world. Let me get you the link:

To be completely honest, I’m not sure what the specific objectives of this project were or if it is considered complete. Since I don’t have the details of the grant, its requirements, objectives, or what commitments Metaverse Architects made about it.
To clarify my position, at Metaverse Architects, I was simply a developer who was assigned tasks and projects on a weekly basis. When I reference my past experience with the company, it’s just to credit my knowledge of the ecosystem and my experience with the SDK. However, since I was not active in the community, I was not aware of this situation.
Similarly, regarding the use of funds or any abuse of delegated voting power you mentioned, I was not involved in any of the company’s financial decisions or governance matters.
Im defenitly not the person to ask about this.
On the other hand, considering that Agustin (the other member of Coding Cave) and I were the ones who contributed the most in terms of development to the project, we are available if there’s a need to rectify, improve, or complete anything, if that is the case.
I hope this clarifies our position on the matter, and if you have any further questions, suggestions, or anything else you believe needs clarification, please feel free to ask.