[DAO:eede415] [BID-0009] Protocol Squad & Coding Cave

by 0x83f9192d59b393c8789b55d446e5d4a77075c820 (ProtocolSquad#c820)

Should funds from the DAO Treasury be allocated to finance a new community-led project addressing issues outlined herein?

Linked Tender Proposal

SDK Support Team


101,500 USD

Project duration

6 months

Delivery Date

Nov 01, 2024

Beneficiary address


Email address



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As Protocol Squad we have been performing the role of Technical Liasion in the first stage while we were documenting the protocol.

This time, we have a full proposal in a document without character limits:

In summary, we subscribe to the entire Tender and Technical Liaison scope of work. The specific deliverables are:

  • Regular meetings with the Foundation SDK team (at least weekly)
  • Daily revision of feedback.decentraland.org and maintenance of https://github.com/decentraland/protocol: having experimental implementations of features requested in the Canny
  • Full feature parity of SDK6 in the Adaptation Layer to get it to work in explorers with only SDK7 support: Mobile Explorer (Godot), Desktop Explorer(Bevy) and the New Foundation Explorer (Unity)
  • Monthly preparation of scene migration list with a community survey, having the complete list Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. as backup
  • At least one hour of live support on Discord per day
  • Full availability of chat support on Discord
  • Monthly workshops based on community survey: preparation of a topic to extend a deep presentation like optimization, best practices, etc.

Please raise a question if you have any doubts, we’ll be pleased to answer them.

Roadmap and milestones

Technical Liaison and Support Team:

  • Monthly prepare all the capable topics for the next workshop, make a survey, and save the date.

SDK6 Adaption Layer:

  • Q1: UI feature parity
  • mid Q2: interaction feature parity
  • late Q2: full feature parity

SDK6 to SDK7 migration:

  • (Deliverable) Monthly: Create a prioritized list based on a survey to understand the order of priorities for migrating scenes. We estimate that in a worst-case scenario, we can migrate 8 scenes per month, and in the best-case scenario, up to 12 scenes per month.
  • Monthly publication of selected scenes on Discord along with the progress as we complete them, for review by the Foundation or relevant auditing parties.
  • Guarantee that a certain number of scenes will be migrated by the end of the project (6 months).
  • In case we are unable to migrate all scenes within the 6-month timeframe, we commit to completing the migration within an extension of the contract, at our own expense.

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I’m voting No because I think no resources should be spent on the SDK6 adaptation layer.

That resources would be much better spent on new clients, improving SDK7, or migrating scenes to SDK7.

Supporting SDK6 not only consumes resources now, but also will consume unnecessary resources in the future to keep maintaining the Adaptation Layer.

Same answer of the other bid:
AFAIK there are no resources allocated for SDK6 here nor in the Foundation. In this case, the allocation is just 14.400, and I think it is definitely worth it because of the value that it brings.

Future support would not be needed at all because the nature of this adaptation layer is an SDK7 scene! Once it is fully done, the maintenance needed would be only in the SDK7 domain.

In my point of view, any scene deployed to Decentraland has to be runtime-support, this doesn’t mean if you want to keep developing there’s going to be tooling support.

This is a great proposal, i think that there is a lot of content already developed on SDK6 and it would be much more expensive to addapt all of that content to SDK7 rather than granting backwards compatibility to the already existing content, as a matter of fact, that was always one of the pillars in which DCL was built.