[DAO: QmNiBwn] Decentraland Co-living House and Incubator in Hollywood Hills

by 0xe439e7045ff541ba3a4fcf798af26781685df33d (purplesquirrel#f33d)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


The Hollywood Hills is a highly competitive, creative and essential place to network, build community and LEARN about the latest advancements in the metaverse, AR/VR, NFTs, Blockchain, Crypto, more so than Silicon Valley. Decentraland must secure a physical place to develop community, provide affordable incubator/co-living spaces for developers, to bridge the gap. The funds will be used to lease, develop and curate a co-living/working hybrid community for metaverse/Decentraland.

Grant size

200,000 USD

Beneficiary address



The team is made up of a core group of passionate Decentraland (DCL) community members, thought leaders, developers and artists with a passion to share knowledge and actively contribute to the Decentraland community. Our goal is to compete in a rapidly growing industry, build community around Decentraland, and provide the tools and resources to make Decentraland THE metaverse of choice.
Our vision is to create an incubator/accelerator for Decentraland to build community, build out Decentraland and the next generation of metaverse citizens. These Founders are actively participating in the incubator, curating experiences, knowledge and development and building thoughtful leadership for a life changing experience in real life too.

Establish Decentraland House 1 Month rotation for Decentraland Incubator:

Provide live streamed educational programing for developers and the community

Host thought leaders, developers and artists with a diverse background to capture the potential innovations to develop

Hackathons for rapid development and deployment of the decentraland ecosystem

Metaverse live streaming setup and optimization tutorials
On how to manage digital assets and creations.
How to integrate assets across various platforms.

Capture the entire experience on video to pitch the Decentraland House productions to Netflix (contacted and discussed)

Giving the community of thought leaders and artists a platform to establish niche communities within Decentraland

IRL events live streaming each week

Optimize available space for functional and agile developers

Promote, produce events across channels to optimize reach and engagement

Everyone will have the opportunity to submit and be voted into
the house by the DAO at various locations.

Providing knowledge sharing and learning opportunities for Decentraland Community
All programming is free to watch online, attend in person

Retain top talent, sponsors, and brand partnerships for Decentraland and future communities.

Create workflows, collaboration and community for Decentraland

The NFT proceeds can be used to fund the projects as well and contribute to society through charity.


Path to execute the vision

Lease from the Landing in the Hollywood Hills with curated amenities, events and experiences included.
Development of SDK is built by John Rigler

Schedule and execute a series of events leading up to the
LAUNCH of Decentraland House.
Host curated free and inclusive events for the community as well as special events for the community.

SDK Developed
Open applications for house members to participate in a 1 month long stay like an incubator for decentraland developers.

Share creations weekly as well and reward participants to create an excited and invested community.

Blockchain Video Streaming service to provide high-bandwidth live streaming across all platforms, monetize through our partners ad networks.

Marketing, community and social media influencers to promote the program to establish additional locations.


Core team and founding knowledge experts

Matt Karsten - Purple Squirrel Media
-NFT Artist and streaming platform creator.
Startup Founder and web3 industry thought leader.

Sayeed Ahmed - Blockchain Video Services
Industry veteran, Producer, NFT creator, visual artist, knowledge expert on blockchain production, broadcast industry/business, Metaverse advisor

John Rigler - secret beach solutions
Lead Developer, Solidity, NFT creator, Knowledge expert on smart contracts,
tokenization of services, web3 development. Advisor.

Additional knowledge experts will be sourced from decentraland and will be voted upon by the DAO.

Roadmap and milestones

Roadmap and Milestones:

Lease a property from The Landing, utilizing their furnished properties, amenities and service offerings to provide an IRL property for the Decentralists. Establish brand sponsors, partners, local event series, workshops, programming to build community. Future members and locations can be voted in by the DAO.
Refine the case study for proof of concept and future locations.

promote roster of events, identify and recruit decentraland top talent , develop playbook and formats, finalize event schedule

host weekly hackathons and curated events with Decentraland talent to recruit more developers, brands and sponsors.
Live streaming, local and online hackathons, blogging, and influencer promotions.
Capture the experience live, and share across channels for a Netflix reality series.

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Decentraland Co-living House and Incubator in Hollywood Hills

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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