[DAO: QmT2Jsi] 8MetaBalls - P2E Billiard Game

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Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


8MetaBalls - is a P2E Billiard Game located at 117, -27 on 3*5 Estate. Users can play arcade or PVC mode, earn in-game currency like balls, chips and change it for NFTs. Ball Cards & Wearables grants access to different game mechanics. Cues NFT have an in-game utility like hit power, angle of fine-tuning, etc.


Grant size

120,000 USD

Beneficiary address



What have been done:

  • Four months of development with two months of public beta-test included
  • The fully worked game with user experience.
  • A few types of the game. Arcade mode with >1000 levels & PVC mode
  • In-Game economic. A few types of reward/redeem
  • In-Game cue shop, cards-shop. Three types of payments(by in-game currency, in MANA by metatransaction, OpenSea)
  • In-Game NFTs. Collectables & with utilities (ball cards, cues, etc)
  • Wearables with Utility
  • Users retention mechanics(daily rewards, leader of the day, leaderboards, etc)

Achievements since the beta test was started:

  • More than 10 000 users visit the game
  • More than 2000 WAU
  • More than 100 000 games played
  • More than 1000 NFT holders
  • More than $1500 in-game income over the beta test period
  • Always staying at TOP Places in DCL for the last two months.

Technical stuff

  • Colyseus Framework + MongoDB for backend
  • A few servers for serve game mechanics, economic logic, distributing in-game NFTs (gasless for users).
  • Advanced logging system on graylog + errors handling via Sentry for backend and frontend
  • Analytics dashboard for game-metrics, such as WAU, DAU, registered users, game played, win/loss ratio, game types slices, currency and chips reward/redeems, etc.
  • ERC 1155 Tokens for in-game mechanics
  • Contracts and Frontend for exchanging in-game NFTs
  • First steps to the anti-bots system.


Roadmap (briefly)

1. Multiplayer mode between users.

  • Ability to create/join P2P games
  • Ability to reserve game for specific players
  • Live stream translation of important games and tournaments.

2. Tournaments and Pool Clubs

  • Weekly $prize tournaments between users
  • Pool Clubs - groups of players to compete with each other
  • Pool Clubs Tournaments

3. InGame NFT, Wearables, Game Mechanics:

  • Add more NFT with an in-game utility which improves game mechanics such as cue chalk, gloves, etc
  • Loot Boxes with game resources & NFTs
  • Daily tasks for additional rewards

4. Betting

  • Ability to bet in MANA on the tournaments or individual games(through smart contract). For all players, clubs, and viewers

5. 3D Modeling

  • Creating a new pool building exterior & interior
  • Creating a new set of pool tables with higher quality
  • Creating a new set of game rooms with higher quality
  • Shop for in-game NFTs, Loot Boxes, resources.
  • Private MetaBallers Space - the space with inclusive access for players.
  • Creating pool buildings for specific parcels sizes(11, 12, 2*2) for a franchise (see below)

6. Franchise

  • Creating separate pool buildings includes an arcade, PVC, p2p modes, NFT shop. In different sizes (11, 12, 2*2, custom)
  • Landowners can place a small version of the game on their lands
  • Profit-sharing with landowners.
  • Automation publishing and updating.
  • The team will provide backend service & marketing support

7. UI

  • Creating new UI of the game in union style
  • Creating GUI shop for in-game NFTs

8. Code stuff

  • Since the game is MVP in the beta test version, there is not a good quality of code
  • Refactor the scene & servers code
  • Improve the specific parts of the system
  • Fix known bugs
  • Scene optimization (images/materials sprites, models optimization, etc).

9. Game Center

  • An MVP version of an additional game (not a pool)

  • Combining economies with the existing pool game

  • Re-organization to Game Center with more than one game under union economic

10. Website/Frontend

  • Create a website for the game
  • Create Docs section
  • Frontend for franchise
  • Frontend for game mechanics which we can’t do in-world due to limitations of the engine.

11. Game Analytics

  • Continue to develop game analytics


The Team

  • Tony - Co-Founder, Core Dev (full-time)
  • Vitally - Co-Founder, Operation, Game Design (full-time)
  • Alex - 3D Modeller (full-time)
  • Vite - Senior TS Dev (part-time, ready to join for full-time)
  • Alex - Marketing, Game Economic, Collabs, Community (ready to join for full-time)
  • Jesica - 3D Modeller (part-time)
  • Helen - web designer (part-time)
  • We are also planning to onboard two more devs. Already have candidates.


We are looking for accruing $120 000 under tier 4. Almost all the spending is a salary for our team to be able to work full-time on the project and onboard a few new members to the team. It will help us build the game and prepare for the next level of development.

Roadmap and milestones


  • Q2 2022 - Multiplayer, Pool Clubs, Tournaments, Betting
  • Q3 2022 - Franchise, Game Center with the additional game.

UI improving, new models, in-game NFTs, etc will be delivered continuously for all periods.

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I have not voted yes or no on this grant request yet. However, for a grant of this size I would like to see some more information about the main contributors on the team. There is not enough information here to either a) get a sense of your metaverse personality & reputation; or b) IRL experience.

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Hey @Matimio !

Thanks for your reply.

a) So we are in DCL since the first auction in 2017. We had been Invested in lands and dozens of districts. I am one of the admins of the Decentraland CIS Community since 2017 as well.

b) Former lead dev in a private quantitive fund. From 2021 went deeper in defi, dao, chains stuff. The finalist of Binance DeFi CIS Hackaton in April 2021. From the end of 2021 whole day in Decentraland development(fell in love with it). Gamer, marketing addicted.
my GitHub if needed: yanis7774 (The Beginning) · GitHub

Not really much to say about relevant metaverse building experience, it’s why firstly we brought a fully worked game in a beta test stage, collected the first active community, got positive feedback from the community and some OG DCL builders.

If you or anyone have any specific questions, feel free to get me here or on discord Tony#5910

Tony, 8MetaBalls

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You are doing a good job and I think this improves the experience and entertainment at Decentraland that is currently needed for the platform.

Voting yes, best wishes.


Thank you, Pablo, for your feedback.

It is especially great to receive support from one of the most valuable content builders of Decentraland

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Thank you for the response Tony! I am voting in favor of this Grant.

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8MetaBalls - P2E Billiard Game

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 71% 2,868,939 VP (68 votes)
  • No 1% 36 VP (1 votes)

Maybe make a new request for $60k so that the threshold is 2mil. Then use that to continue the project, give us a sample, then ask for the rest after.