[DAO: QmSdLxK] Do you think 10,000 triangles is enough per parcel regarding the graphics quality increase with the evolution of the Metaverse

by 0x5d230e23f076223cbf049647e1d8f800fb4030ad (JusticeGate)

its very restrictive to create high quality 3D content under 10K Triangles, Please share your opinion in this pool.

  • 10K Triangles is enough
  • we need more than 10K triangles

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I think to consider the triangle count in isolation without a very thorough understanding of the related issues might put pressure on the development team in an area which will have widespread and irreversible ramifications. that does not bode well for the long term progression of the platform.

For example (and this is just one point from a plethora of consideration) I wouldn’t want to see a greater triangle count if it cause further throttling of code execution on the surrounding scenes. I’d rather see more balanced code execution across scenes than a greater triangle count allowed on a scene.

As things stand, it also gets developers into good habits. Build an amazing virtual world with 10K tris per parcel, then in a couple of years increase it to 20K and you have all this extra space to make new content. Where if you increase the tri count incrementally when it’s available, developers will get lazy and you will end up with no additional content imo. You’ll have marginally better models. Maybe.

There are going to be tradeoffs to make across the board in this platform and huge decisions like triangle count should not be discussed in isolation imo.

Of course in the long term the platform team should strive to increase the triangle count - but this is not the really important thing at this point in time imo.

The question is not phrased very well imo, because:

  • 10K triangles is enough for now because we are on in a growing platform. but in terms of the long term progress of course it will never be enough. Just like screen resolutions we can look forward to it increasing over time.

  • We don’t need more than 10K triangles. But obviously it would be a nice to have - but as we are, amazing experiences are being created with 10K triangles per parcel

For the record - I am going to vote for “10K triangles is enough” -not because it is enough - but because this question is too blunt to be an instrument for surveying such a complex issue.

/peace out <3

after several days of modeling and shaping, my modeler cybermike was able to bring a model down from about 80k triangles to just over 20k. now imagine if everybody had access to a decently hi res person on their premises, such as this cutie… i have 13 parcels… so i can pull this off by sacrificing 1/5th of the triangles resources of all my parcels. but people with anything less will never make that sacrifice and end up with anything decent looking. I feel that the current 10k triangles is extremely restrictive in this respect and i’m currently at my wits end for creative ways to use such low polys < this is my current 13 parcel >

Please reconsider your thinking, i believe DCL looks barren at times because of such low polys

Do you think 10,000 triangles is enough per parcel regarding the graphics quality increase with the evolution of the Metaverse.

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