[DAO: QmRvjeD] Turning Physical Assets into Decentraland Assets

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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Blockchain Homes aims to develop a decentralized application that leverages blockchain, crypto, and NFTs to facilitate real estate connections. The first step to facilitating a RE transaction on the blockchain requires us to digitize a real world property using drone footage, architectural schemes, and 3D modeling allowing us to create an immersive NFT of the physical asset. Having an NFT rendering of the property allows us to potentially move into different metaverse assets. Allowing people to create a duplicate digital property will improve and increase the number of users in decentraland and help develop the ecosystem much quicker. Outside the metaverse our goal is to improve the speed, transparency, and security of RE transactions.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Outside the metaverse our decentralized app will allow allow people to invest in and buy properties globally, improve and move land registries plus titles to the blockchain, increase transparency of transactions and market activity, create a 3 layer security protocol, and allow people to maximize profits when selling because it is a much smaller fee to list and promote property. When tokenizing properties, firms with large amounts of assets can easily inspect, control, or liquidate assets much easier. Tokenizing a property also means the ability for people to leverage assets to receive loans and build generational wealth. Whole countries will benefit because they can increase FDI and receive taxes directly from owner wallets. Citizens in countries with bad players in leadership will be protected from corruption and land right grabs because everything can be verified on the blockchain. One of the key components of the project will be the creation of the community governance which ensures it remains decentralized and never in control of the big banks. All that seems ideal but how does this impact or improve decentraland? Well home owners can quickly establish themselves and their property on decentraland using our NFT. The dao and community can use fees to increase DAO funds and the practicality of the ecosytem overall. Larger properties will boost the sale of other digital assets like art and furniture to decorate the digital property. BlockChain Homes in collaboration with decentraland can create a seamless connection between the physical and web 3.0.


The digitizing process will create thousands of jobs for independent contractors to go to the physical property and use our equipment to digitize the property. Our platform will list and verify ownership of the property and connect with different worlds like decentraland. Our dapp built ontop of the ethereum will include side chains and protocols like Graph to make it easy for people to extract data from the blockchain and assess property info plus value. When homeowners decide to list the property for sell our platform will make it accessible to a larger pool of buyers and offer a smart contract. Once the smart contract is executed the transaction will be listed on the blockchain, our public ledger and a local gov. registry. Our protocol expert Diogenes Caseras is creating a system that allows us to incorporate side chains while minimizing vulnerability. You can learn more on our website Blockchaincasas.net and reach out to us on linkedin.


Alejandro Torres Barajas a serial entrepreneur who is focused on improving quality of life globally and using blockchain to promote the most utility and good. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alejandro-torres-416625222
Diogenes Casares crypto and blockchain expert and educator. Dio is founder and CEO at Patagon Management, a Delaware-based crypto advisory company focused on emerging markets and helping traditional clients understand and leverage their existing businesses with crypto assets to become more profitable and cost efficient. He heads the outreach section of the company, and has been responsible for assisting various ICO/IDOs in the past, especially when it comes to marketing.
Development team will be contracted when funds are available.
Property digitization is being done by Creative Agency partners.
Our connections to some of the biggest Silicon Valley and Web 3.0 players will be essential to our success.

Roadmap and milestones

Round 1: January 1-31 White Paper, Market and Competitor Research Round 2: February 1-28 Structural Planning, Time Line, Website and Presentation Round 3: March 1-31 Number Crunching, Out Reach, Talent Recruitment, Promotional Video Round 4: April 1-31 Sample Renderings, Building Platform, Lining up Partnerships, Round 5: May 1-31 NFT Community Funding, Token Offering, Building Platform Round 6: June 1-31 First Transaction, Marketing, Community Involvement We should be offering the first BCH facilitated Real Estate transactions in South America. BLOCKCHAINCASAS.NET Road Map (Yearly) Year 1: 2022 Goals: Established in El Salvador, Successful Marketing Campaign, Invitation to Venture Capital Year 2: 2023 Goals: Build Political Relationships and exposure across South America, User Experience, Network and Ledger Investment, Public Media, and Analysis branch Year 3: 2024 Goals: Stability, Trust Development, Marketing and Reach across multiple countries, Talent Recruitment Year 4: 2025 Goals: Central Bank Involvement, Expand and Cash Burn into sister Companies, Focus on Education, Community Investment
Our goal is to remain as transparent as possible and anyone can check the status of our project via website, developer team, discord, etc. We will incorporate the community governance for most decisions and direction the project will take.

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I like the idea, but lower the $ requested and show results before you ask for a Tier 6 grant!

Turning Physical Assets into Decentraland Assets

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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