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Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Please allow me to introduce our project; Chibilabs.io.
Our current estate is: Chibination.dcl.eth.link

Chibi Labs is the studio behind three NFT collections including Chibi Genesis, Apes and their most ambitious to date, Chibi Galaxy. The studio has already made its mark on the NFT space with futuristic 3D art, AR/VR tools for collectors, Metaverse exploration and an extremely passionate community.

A portfolio of your work to date:

Chibis P2E Game whereby anyone in decentraland can participate in a scavenger style hunt across our futuristic-dystopian-punk-cyber-jungle and city landscape.

Grant size

80,000 USD

Beneficiary address



We believe that we are bringing new metaverse users to decentraland. We have 60,000 people in our discord and ~3,000+ unique holders across ~6,700 unique NFTs. Our user base is not the “old school” decentraland or “OG” NFT collectors. The majority of our userbase is new to the NFT and Metaverse space.

As a project we have invested heavily in decentraland as we see dcl as such a meaning place for building our community and expanding our overall reach to the web3 community.
We are hosting a New Years Day party with 15+ Projects, a grammy nominated artist (Aloe Blacc), SpottieWifi, and hope to bring as many users online as possible in dcl.

While we love ‘partying’ in the metaverse, we want to show our community and the world what the next level looks like for Chibi Labs and the Chibi Nation in the metaverse. We also want to create “Sticky-ness” and a symbiotic relationship between Decentraland, our NFT holders, and the entire DCL and Web3 community.

Our team and our community has been researching Play-to-Earn and we see a very valid use case for Chibi Labs and the Chibi Nation to build out a Play to Earn game in DCL.

We know that Play-to-Earn is the next way for us to show our community about the next chapter of the metaverse. Aside from Wondermine and the casinos, play-to-earn seems super early in Decentraland. We understand the importance We have been impressed with the “Sticky-ness” of Wondermine and hope that we can show DCL, our community and the world that our Play to Earn strategy will be fun, and keep users coming back.

We also seek your guidance and strategy as to what can and can’t be done with Play-to-Earn in DCL. We pride ourselves on investigating every edge of the Metaverse landscape. At Chibi Labs, we consider this just the beginning of our Journey in Decentraland.

As a project and as a community, we will always do whatever we can to increase awareness about the metaverse, decentraland, and web3 safety.


Chibis P2E Game (Decentraland) (abbrev…)
1.Players will traverse the Chibi dystopian punk jungle to acquire 5-10 colorful GEMS in a Scavenger hunt type of format.
2. To fit our lore, the “gems” would be “Comprised of Silica” will be placed in our “conveyer belt” room in our Chibi Town to be converted into “microchips”
3. Using “Microchips”, players can redeem “Chibi Coins” (for DCL only)
4. Daily Multiplier rewards to encourage daily engagement and “Sticky-ness”.

Players will race each other to complete a timed event that will be a checkpoint race course through the map that can be redesigned to make for different races. —Simply using a highlighted ball of light or something to indicate where to go will be enough.

POAP’s will be given to the high score of the day, and or one given to the highest score of the week/month. (1 of 1 POAP)(date/time/players name/etc)

Leaderboards need to be auto updated with usernames and times of completion

POAPs could be given to player with flawless victory (all 7 days in a week)

POAPs potential redemption process could include a chance to win a chibination
decentraland item or even an actual chibi

Leaderboards need to be auto updated with usernames and times of completion

Advertising Space on the walls of the Conveyer belt room and other office spaces needs to be easily changed for promotions and opportunities for sponsored ads


Founding Team

  1. Mat Sposta, CEO of Chibi labs.
    Mat found The Crown League, a paradigm shifting Gaming & Sports Media platform, acquired by Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company. He was the Chief Revenue Office and held several Executive roles as well as a Board seat. Mat is an active Angel Investor, Advisor and sits on the Board of several consumer focused businesses.


  1. Fabs, Co-founder @ChibiLabs
    Gave up art to become an engineer in 2011. Gave up engineering to become an artist in 2021


  1. Evan Hecht, @HBizzleNFT aka @NFTSniperbot

CEO of a Global Tech recruiting firm. 20 years in recruiting, 15 years as an entrepreneur.

NFT Collector, Trader, and proud Bored Ape Yacht Club Holder and community member

Roadmap and milestones

A portfolio of your work to date:

We’d like to add PLAY-TO-EARN to Chibination.dcl.eth.link ASAP. As soon as we receive funding we would be contracting with a team to build this.

We would implement this PLAY-TO-EARN Game as a phase 1 program. Implementation could be within 3-4 months.

Once phase 1 is complete. We can survey our community as well as the decentraland community and DAO for suggestions of improvements for phase 2 of our PLAY TO EARN game in Decentraland.

We feel that we are all still super early in this space and welcome the community to supply input, suggestions, and feedback of what they want to see happen next in Phase 2 of our PLAY TO EARN GAME.

In the short to medium term we feel it is super important to get started with the PLAY TO EARN GAME in Decentraland.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

The Team at Chibi Labs
HBizzle, Sposta and Fabs

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This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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