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Should the following Tier 1: up to $1,500 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Gaming category be approved?


I am seeking funding for the development of the classic board-game ‘Checkers.’ This module will be made available to the community to help build a repository of functional examples to act as a starting point for new developers and provide a fun game that can be freely implemented into existing land.

Grant size

1,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Developers for Decentraland (DCL) a few start-points when first learning how to create scenes in DCL. New users can find some content on YouTube, read through the SDK, and even find a set of snippets that display core use-cases (animations, transactions, etc); but we currently lack a set of larger, accessible projects which can be studied. Land owners also lack an available set of easily installed scene games, which provide valuable content, without purchasing such content through development teams or external sites.

This development grant seeks to target these two problems by providing a:

  • functional code-base that can be accessed by developers to further their understanding of DCL development

  • playable scene preview that can be easily accessed to show new users a small portion of DCL’s potential

  • functional game that land owners can freely host on their land

This project is the first in a series I am planning on developing. I’m starting small, mostly board-games and old computer games, to create a start point for any new developer. However, I am aiming to implement larger projects such as tower defence and card games. By implementing these projects and providing them to the community we should be able to make things easier for new developers, stimulate land owners to develop their land with free modules, and attract new users!


The core design factor here is ease-of-use. The program will be created using modular design and a heavy focus on implementing interfaces. This means developers will be able grasp the high-level concept of implementation (how all the pieces fit together) and how each function works (what the individual pieces do). This also provides users a way to add this game to their scenes without needing to have an understanding of programming.

Checkers will be the game that this module will be centred around. Using this module a user will be able to create any number of boards that will operate independent of one another across the hosting scene. This means a single scene could host several boards at one time, allowing for land owners to create plazas or hubs for users to play at!

When completed, the code-base will be publicly hosted on Git so anyone interested can access/download the files. A preview scene will be hosted on Vercel, as a static webpage, so community members can view/play the game as they want. All rights to the code-base will be waived, pushing it directly into the community’s ownership and allowing interested parties to do with it as they please (including hosting on their land/building upon the project/monetizing play).


I’ll be working on this project solo, its a little too small to pull any teammates in. I’ve been programming for over a decade, with a primary focus on gaming, and I’m currently employed as a software engineer (working mainly with C and Java). While I’ve only been developing in DCL for the past quarter of a year I have made good strides and am fully capable of implementing this project in the given time-frame. I’ve created several projects to learn the platform and have a good understanding of the development pipe-line.

One of the projects I’ve implemented and polished for DCL is Minesweeper, which is currently playable [here!] (https://vercel-minesweeper-showcase.vercel.app/)

Roadmap and milestones

The current estimate for this project is two weeks. During the first week I will implement the functional code and provide a preview of the game scene. By the end of the second week I will have polished the code to maximize readability and optimized the scene to run efficiently. During this time the Git code-base will be made available and the playable preview will be hosted!

Thank you for your time,

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Initial update post available here. Expect module completion next week.

Project has reached completion, reaching all goals 13 days after acceptance. Repo is available here and test scene here. Please note that to test P2P functionality you will need to download and run the module locally.

Community Module Creation: Checkers

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