[DAO: QmPyQir] Develop a Wearable Royalty Fee Calculator

by 0x3fb38cee8d0ba7dcf59403a8c397626dc9c7a13b (MorrisMustang)

Should the following Tier 3: up to $5,000 USD in MANA, 3 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


The DAO has voted to redirect the 2.5% royalty fees from wearables sales away from the DAO and to the creators of the wearables. Currently, the DAO Committee does not know the royalties due to each creator and the DAO dApps team is not yet in place to create such a tool. These fees currently reside in the DAO committee wallet and could be distributed to creators if the accounts payable were known.

Atlas Corporation proposes to develop open source dApp which can be used to determine the total amount of secondary sales for each L2 wearable, wearable collection, and creator, and therefore the royalty fees due from the DAO to each creator.

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



The scope of this project is the development of a tool that allows the user to view the number of secondary sales per item, per collection. “Secondary sales” are sales that have occurred on the Decentraland Marketplace.

Any user will be able to access the dApp and view data by either Wearable Collection, Wearable Creator, or Wearable Item. Data will be presented in an intuitive way such that selecting an item, collection, or creator results in the generation of a table with a list of all secondary sales related to that choice. This table will be viewable within the app and downloadable by a user in CSV format.

The list of secondary sales transactions will include the following information:

  • The name of the wearable, collection, and creator
  • Date and time the transaction occurred
  • Addresses of the buy and seller (or ENS address if applicable)
  • Transaction amount and currency
  • The transaction hash
  • The 2.5% royalty fee for the transaction

Given that this is to be built as a decentralized application (“dApp”), it can be hosted on IPFS to avoid the need for recurring hosting costs. We will purchase a domain, register it for 3 years, and forward it to IPFS as a convenience to users.

The application will be made open source using an MIT license and the git repo will be made public.


The dApp will make use of the following technologies:

  • Angular/React
  • Bootstrap
  • IPFS
  • The Graph
  • Opensea API
  • Decentraland Catalyst Server
  • Ethereum Naming Service


The wearables royalty calculator will require web3 data mining as well as an intuitive user interface for DAO committee members, wearables creators, and DCL community members to interact with the tool. Atlas Corporation, well versed in this data, analytics and where to find it, is best suited to undertake this challenge.

Development will be led by howieDoin.dcl.eth and MorrisMustang.dcl.eth.

Atlas Corporation has not created any wearables to date and will not experience a material gain from the existence of this tool.

If you are a front-end developer (react, angular) and would like to participate in this project, reach out to Atlas Corp in our discord

Roadmap and milestones

Development Sprint 1

  • Locate the data
  • Program the extraction of the data
  • Aggregate and transpose the data into its consumable form
  • Conduct interviews with prominent wearable creators to arrive at user stories which will inform the design of the front end dApp.

Development Sprint 2

  • Design and implement user interface to retrieve and render the data
  • Publish dApp to IPFS and route DNS
  • Publish git repo with deployment instructions

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